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Bank Norwegian Visa: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Credit Card

You can apply to Bank Norwegian Visa using my referral link and get 200 CashPoints (worth 200 SEK/NOK). Combine this card with Curve to get extra rewards and €6 for free.

In this video, I talk about the Bank Norwegian Visa credit card, and share 5 reasons why you should consider getting this card (what I like), and also 4 things I DON’T like about the card, that you can keep in mind :). It is one of the best free credit cards in Sweden right now.

This card becomes particularly interesting for people who fly Norwegian Air often since you can get a high cashback on the ticket price.

Bank Norwegian Visa Video Review

If you had the chance to watch my video on how to get 1 MILLION SAS EuroBonus points you already know that I use two main cards which are the American Express Elite card, and the SAS World Premium Mastercard. However, one thing I didn’t mention in that video is that I also use the Bank Norwegian Visa as a 3rd backup card, and here are 5 reasons why.

Bank Norwegian Visa 2022

The Pros

1) NO Annual Fees

I’ve had this card for over 9 years now and never had to pay a single cent in fees.

2) It a Visa Card

I use always try to pay with my American Express or my Mastercard. However, believe it or not, there are several places and shops that only take Visa. This happens a lot abroad, especially in South America. This means that you have to pay with either a Visa card or cash.

Since I always refuse to pay cash or debit cards (because of many reasons including buyers’ protection and not getting any points), this card is a great alternative for those cases.

Another use case is that often times you see promotions only if you pay with Visa. Some hotels or touristic attractions offer you 10% or 20% off only if you pay with Visa. Another example is Marriott hotels, which have ongoing promotions with discounted rates only if you pay with Visa.

Norwegian 737-800 flying over Stockholm. Wing view

3) High cashback (4-10% when buying Norwegian tickets)

If you fly Norwegian Air often, this is great news. Norwegian is in many cases the cheapest option in plenty of routes, and since they are expanding, this even applies to long haul flights. The planes they use are new, they flight to main airports, and the service is more than decent, so if you find yourself finding Norwegian often, you can get a cashback on your ticket.

The cashback is 4% if you buy the lowest fare tickets, and 10% if you buy the most flexible tickets. This is significant if you find yourself buying tickets often for business or pleasure.

4) No fees for withdrawal in Sweden or Abroad

This is also a great feature to have if you need money from an ATM. I never take money from my bank account (or even have money in my checking account, since I mainly save or invest the rest, and live with my credit cards), so this is very convenient when traveling abroad. Keep in mind that you don’t get any Cashpoints on withdrawals.

5) Dental Insurance (optional)

You can opt-in to a dental protection plan, where you get reimbursed some amount of money every year for check-ups or treatments. Great protection (which is not common in low-end cards), especially if you want to cover-up for dental issues in the future!

A short disclaimer here, I am talking about these benefits assuming you pay your monthly statement IN FULL.

The cons

  1. Lower earning on everyday purchases (Only 0.5% Cashpoints)
  2. No earning when buying other airlines! This is quite aggressive IMHO.
  3. No native support for Apple Pay. FIXED IN 2021! It now supports it.
  4. You need to be over 23 years old to apply

Thanks for checking my post. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you have questions!


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  1. You can withdraw for free abroad with the Norwegian card but can you stop the interest fees accumulating on the foreign cash withdrawal?

    If you withdraw $100 in the USA can you pay it off immediately to avoid the interest fee?

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