Bank Norwegian Visa Card 2023 - Issued by Nordax Bank (6)

Bank Norwegian Visa Card Unboxing (2023): Now Part Of Nordax Bank

In 2020, I did my first Bank Norwegian Visa Card unboxing, right before the pandemic, where I showed the new design and looked at the difference from the previous one. In 2022, Nordax Bank acquired Bank Norwegian, and paused the referrals until the migration was complete in Q1 2023.

A few days ago, I received my new card for the next three years, as the one I had expired in March. Here’s a quick unboxing and some of the highlights of the new card.

  • Still plastic and made out of non-degradable sources.
  • Still comes with two full printed pages; they didn’t bother changing the design or creatives on those pages, just updated the text with the latest terms. I still think it is too much printed paper for information that could be found online.
  • The front of the card has no numbers or details now, only the Bank Norwegian and Visa logos.
  • The back of the card contains the card details, including full name, card number, expiration date, and security code.
  • You can read Part of Nordax Bank at the bottom of the new card.
Bank Norwegian Visa Card Unboxing (2023). Now part of Nordax Bank.
The new Bank Norwegian Visa card in 2023

Bank Norwegian Visa Card Unboxing (2023)

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