About AirLapse

Brief story behind this blog and my flying adventures



Hi! My name is Germán.

I am an avgeek, and had a passion for flying and airplanes since I was born. Over the years, and thanks to my work, I took over 600 flights and traveled over 1.6M km (40 times around the world).

What do I do? I’m a computer scientist with a Ph.D. in computer architecture and a creative producer. I worked for companies like Google, Ericsson, Netflix, and Red Bull. I currently run a content creation group and copywriting agency. You can read more about me here.

I decided to start recording videos about my adventures in 2008, and upload them to YouTube in 2015. They became more popular organically, so I started this blog to share more about how I booked those trips, how I paid for them, and how to save and use points. I am also a SAS EuroBonus freak and spend quite a bit of time trying to find point hacks and opportunities.

Since I’ve lived in Scandinavia for 10+ years, I also write guides and tutorials about improving personal finances, saving money, and investing.

My blog to inspire you and get you moving.

Make sure you check out these few cool posts, such as the first SAS A350 flight, and this multicam takeoff in my hometown, Ushuaia. One of the most remote places in the world.



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