How to earn 1 million SAS EuroBonus points (Guide)

How To Earn 1 MILLION SAS EuroBonus Points (Guide)

In this video, I talk about the approach I used to get to 1 Million SAS EuroBonus points in the past years. This is a strategy I have been using for a couple of years, and I have been adapting and refining it for a while now. If you have suggestions on how we can improve this further, just let me know in the comments!

In the video, we cover:

  1. Credit Cards (SAS Amex, SAS Mastercard, and how to combine them to maximize the earnings)
  2. Betalo (payment service)
  3. Online shopping portal:
  4. Services (phone, internet, electricity)
  5. Point Sharing
  6. Transportation, Hotels, Promos
  7. Flying (on Scandinavian Airlines and Star Alliance)

Guide to 1 Million SAS EuroBonus Points

The video is from 2019, and I’m currently working on a new version. Stay tuned!

SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator (2023)

I recently revamped the SAS EuroBonus points calculator and created a free online version of it, supporting multiple countries.

SAS A350 in Copenhagen (how to earn 1 million SAS EuroBonus points)

If the link above doesn’t work, try the following ones: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

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  1. Hi

    Is it better to get American express platinum with SAS premium master card (Eurobonus) for the first year due to all the signup bonusses on platinum then cancel platinum switch to amex green master card (free) and Amex elite
    in the end you will have green (free) , elite( 4000 sek) and Sas premium (?).

    Do i need more credit cards than this or is it possible leverage more credited cards than this without spending allot of time managing ??

    Kind regards


    1. Hi! Thanks for checking the blog!

      It depends on what’s your main goal. If you are after SAS Eurobonus points, then Amex Elite + SAS MC Premium is the way to go. You can choose to downgrade the Elite card to SAS Amex classic if you wanna save the fees, but the reason I keep it is because of the 2-for-1 voucher, and the guaranteed silver status.

      I had Amex Platinum and Gold cards before I had the SAS Amex Elite, but keep in mind don’t get the sign-up bonuses if you are not a new customer, unless there’s a specific upgrade/switch offer like this one.
      You can ofc leverage more cards.

      You can leverage more cards ofc, typically what I would do is just get the signup bonuses or first-year benefits and close it before they start charging a fee. The only cards I keep and use heavily are the SAS ones.


  2. Hi

    Thanks for the reply spoke to amex and sweden platinum dont get sign up bonusses like the american amex.

    If i spend 150000 on elite vis betalo 2.5% surge charge snd 50000 on betalo with 1.9% per year i will have spent:
    Elite fees on betalo: 3750
    Elite card fees: 4000
    Mastercard premium on betalo: 950
    Mastercard premium fees: 2000

    Yearly total: 10 000 sek

    Does the points earned still significantlt better than the yearly fee?



    1. Hi Mickey!

      Indeed the sign up bonusses are very different than in the US.

      Indeed, total fees are 10000SEK, but tat the same time, with that card configuration you are getting Star Alliance Gold status (just from the card), plus potentially one or two 2-for-1 vouchers (if you spend 150k or 300k sek on the amex)

      A one way ticket in First Class with Lufthansa costs 130k EuroBonus points (+1500 sek). With the 2-for-1 voucher, you can fly 2 persons at 67k points each.

      In total, you’d have spent 10.000 sek in fees, but gotten a ticket that’s easily over 8000 EUR.

      Here’s another example I booked thanks to the 2-for-1 voucher and the Amex Elite + MC premium combo.

  3. Amex Elite montly fee is currently 400kr, not 100kr as mentioned in the summary. Is that something that has changed across years (from 2019 to now) ?

  4. Hi Germán! Is it possible for you to check your Instagram DM? We are in need of Amex refferal (not the SAS one). We explained there further. Thank you so much!

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