AwardFares October 2023 Update

AwardFares Now Shows Award Prices And Lets You Sort Results By Price (2023)

We’ve been covering AwardFares since its inception and have consistently used it to identify and book great award flights and secure outstanding EuroBonus redemptions (read more here and here). They are consistently rolling out new features and updates. On this occasion, the tool added support for long-awaited features such as redemption prices, mixed cabin flights, saver awards, and more.

These new additions are fantastic for quickly searching for the cheapest awards and determining if you are getting a good redemption. Kudos to their team! You can read more about the new features on their official announcement here.

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AwardFares New Features (October 2023)

Award Prices

When performing a search on a specific frequent flyer program, the tool shows you the prices in the result list. It’s easy to quickly see the amount of points or miles required to redeem the award inside each of the pills. Each pill is also color-coded depending on the cabin.

As AwardFares can perform searches in more than one program at a time, prices are not shown if more than one program is selected.

AwardFares now shows award flight prices in the search results.


The top header on the search results is now interactive. By tapping on the different cabins, you can quickly sort results by prices, finding the cheapest awards first.

AwardFares is the fastest way to find cheap award flights that are available.

Saver vs. Non-saver Awards

Some programs, such as United MileagePlus and Air Canada Aeroplan, have lower prices during off-peak seasons (saver awards). Now, you can see these details right in AwardFares by expanding the detailed view.

AwardFares saver vs. non-saver awards for United, Aeroplan and others.

Mixed-Cabin Itineraries

For most programs (except EuroBonus), the tool now shows mixed-cabin itineraries that are also bookable online. You will see a filled pill with a percentage of the flight that is mixed (in hours).

In other words, if you are looking at a 15-hour trip in which one hour is in Economy and 14 are in Premium Economy, you are looking at a 6% mixed award.

It’s also cool that they’ve added a filter to exclude results based on the mixed-cabin percentage.

AwardFares lets you search for mixed cabin award flights

Improved Alerts

There’s also an improvement to alerts, where now you can set them up to exclude mixed-cabin results.

AwardFares alerts.

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