Hover Realnames (2023)

Hover Realnames: Get An Email Address With YOUR Firstname And Lastname (2023)

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could own your lastname.com? Well, in some cases you can, but very often, lastnames are common, and the domains are either already purchased, or they cost too much (as in millions). But hey, Hover Realnames has a solution at a much cheaper price.

I have been using Realnames.com since 2011, when I first found the service via Google. I only had a free Gmail account, and I wanted to get a more professional email address for a CV. At that time, I wasn’t using a company address or Google Worskpace, and I was looking for a quick, simple solution.

Realnames was part of Tucows, and they were offering a cheap solution with your own lastname as a domain, so I went ahead and purchased [email protected], which looked pretty cool. They also offered a family discount, so for an extra $10, I also got an account for my dad.

Starting today (May 30th, 2023), Realnames is now part of Hover. They finished the migration to a new dashboard, setup console, and backend. The service has been so useful to me, that I wanted to share my experience with this quick post.

Let’s have a look at Hover Realnames in 2023!

Hover Realnames (2023)

Hover Realnames Review: Professional Mailbox With YOUR Name (2023)

Hover Realnames is a personalized email service that lets you create a memorable and meaningful email address based on your first and last name. It lets you get a mailbox such as firstname@lastname, and since they have 35k+ last-name domains to choose from, it makes it a great alternative to buying your own domain if your last name is too popular.

With Realnames email, you get 10 GB of storage, tech support from real human experts, and good spam and virus protection available. You can use your Realnames email as part of your personal brand. Your brand and reliability should go hand in hand. Your Realnames email will also work with your existing email clients.

Hover Realnames Pricing (2023)

Hover Realnames Key Benefits

  • Easy to remember and unique email addresses.
  • Professional and trustworthy appearance. It makes
  • Easy to use and manage. You get webmail access, or you can use your favorite app.
  • Reasonable pricing. It’s $35 a year, which makes it cheaper than Google Workspace, Office 365, Fastmail, and other alternatives.
  • Customer support round the clock (I’ve used them!)
Hover Email Setup

My Realnames.com Account Was Moved To Hover – What Should I Do?

1. Complete your registration using the link in the email they sent you

Realnames.com moved to Hover

2. Log-in to the new dashboard

3. Accept the new terms of service (ToS)

Hover Realnames New ToS (2023)

4. Done! You can continue using the service. If you changed your password, make sure to update your email clients.

Hover Realnames - Email Setup

Conclusion: Hover Realnames

Hover Realnames is the easiest way to get a professional mailbox with your own name on it. I have been using Realnames.com since 2011 (part of Tucows) and was very pleased with the concept. I could easily get a professional mailbox with my own name, without purchasing an expensive domain. I even took advantage of their family plan (paying $10 extra) to get a mailbox for my dad.

In practice, the service had hiccups from time to time: billing didn’t go through and I stopped getting my emails. Luckily, I contacted their support and got my data back within 24 hours. Now, Realnames.com moved to Hover, and the service is called Hover Realnames. The interface, dashboard and setup console are much easier to use, and the backend feels much more solid than before. Hover kept the same pricing points and features as before, so that’s a plus.

Overall, a great way to get a pro mailbox and build a brand with your name without spending impossible money.

Are you using Hover? What’s your experience? As usual, feel free to drop comments below, or contact me via Instagram at any time.

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