Skyscanner Savings Generator (2023)

Skyscanner Savings Generator: What Is It And How To Use It? (2023)

Skyscanner just announced a new tool called Skyscanner Savings Generator, which lets you easily explore historical data to understand the cheapest dates to travel on given routes. But how do you use it? Is it useful? How does it stand against Google Flights and even other AI tools coming up these days?

Let’s have a quick look.

Skyscanner Savings Generator (2023)

What is Skyscanner Savings Generator?

The data analysis team at Skyscanner has gone through millions of flight records from 2022 to create the Savings Generator. This tool leverages average price data across several popular routes to provide insights on achieving maximum travel savings. In addition, it includes an additional data set for flights in July and August, identifying the cheapest weeks during the summer holidays for travel.

The Savings Generator is a tool to explore past data comprehensively on average flight prices. It also highlights the cheapest day of the week to travel and provides the average monthly price for the hottest travel spots.

How to use Skyscanner Savings Generator (Step-by-Step)

1. Go to Skyscanner Savings Generator

As the tool is in beta, you need to go to this landing page to be able to use it. There’s no need to create an account or sign-up.

Skyscanner Savings Generator (2023)

2. Select your origin city

I chose Madrid as an example.

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Step 1

3. Pick a month

I selected October.

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Step 2

4. Select a destination city

And my destination city was Miami.

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Step 3

5. Check the information

You get a summary of the average flight prices during the month you selected.

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Step 4

Plus, you also get information such as the cheapest days to travel and how far in advanced you should book your trip.

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Step 5

7. Search for flights

You also get a CTA to search for flights using Skyscanner directly

Skyscanner Savings Generator - Search for flights

Conclusion: Is it good?

I like the initiative to get access to information easily and in a way that is easy to digest. If you are already using Skyscanner, then give it a shot. It’s a quick way to understand average flight prices based on real data. Remember that the tool is still in beta and doesn’t have all destinations and origin cities, so you might be unable to find what you want.

How is this tool different from others, such as Hopper and Google Flights / ITA matrix? Not clear. Probably the interface where you answer simple questions and get insights. However, you also get benchmarking information from Google flights when you select dates, so you can quickly understand if you are buying cheap or expensive.

Bear in mind that all these tools are based on past data, and while it might be useful to understand off- and on-peak seasons, it’s not a guarantee for what will happen.

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