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Welcome to Aviation NFTs, the world’s first collection of unique takeoffs and landings minted as NFT.
Below are the most common and important questions to get you started on purchasing an AirLapse token.

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3 winners will be chosen randomly among the FIRST 100 to sign up.

10% royalties donated to offset carbon footprint

How many AirLapse NFTs are in total?

There will be 500 initial tokens + a few exclusive rare tokens.

How much did the collection cost to make?

The rough estimate is $500.000 USD (yes, half a million dollars spent on flying! recording these unique takeoffs and landings.

There are 288 economy flights + 26 premium economy + 176 business class + 3 first.
Being conservative, if we assume the following average prices in:

  • Economy Class: $500 USD
  • Premium Economy: $1000 USD
  • Business Class: $2000 USD
  • First Class: $4000 USD

The the total is 288 * 500 + 26 * 1000 + 176 * 2000 + 3 * 4000 = $534.000 USD
Note that the above estimates are very conservative. There are at least 50+ economy class flights paid well over $1500 USD, and the average business class flight is closer to $2500 USD.

What are some of the perks of owning one?

  • The first 3 buyers (and only the first three, first-come-first-serve), will get an exclusive rare collectible of the First SAS A350 Flight, on top of your purchase (you will get a free NFT)
  • The first 100 to sign-up on the waitlist will participate in a giveaway of 3 pieces.
  • There are takeoffs and landings from the southernmost city in the world (one of the most remote places on earth)
  • There are MULTICAM takeoff pieces (which means that on the exact same flight, you will get video from both views of the plane, left and right). These are some of the rare pieces.
  • All NFTs include a 4K high-quality version of the video.
  • All NFT buyers will get FREE lifetime access to AirLapse paid content on, such as paid guides to maximize points and personal finance advice.
  • You’ll contribute to offsetting your carbon footprint! (10% royalties donated!)

Can I resell my AirLapse NFT?

Yes. AirLapse NFT tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible etc. If an AirLapse token is resold, there will be a 10% royalty fee to AirLapse. AirLapse will donate 10% of all future royalties towards ClimateHero, CarbonEasy, and other organizations to offset their carbon footprint!

When will the collection be completely revealed?

We are in the process of uploading and minting every single piece, and will be ready by end of January 2023.

Where did this collection come from?

I spent the last 10+ years taking over 500 flights and recording every single takeoff and landing I could, registering the data on my.flightradar24, and keeping a copy of the videos.

You can check the complete collection on OpenSea.

What are all the routes and destinations?

You can check the full route list on my.flightradar24.
Here’s a map with all the flights I recorded.

Aviation NFTs by AirLapse all destinations
All destinations that will have NFTs for takeoff and landing

Where’s the complete list of flights?

The full list is on my.flightradar24.

What are some of the aircraft types and cabins?

It will include a range of over a dozen of aircraft types (Airbus A18, A19, A320, A320neo, A330, A350, A380, Boeing 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 787, 777), 50 airlines, 30+ countries, and 4+ classes (Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First). It will also include a selection of iconic moments, such as the first SAS Airbus A350 flight.

I hope this becomes the world’s first NFT collection in the aviation space, with takeoff and landing moments.

Aviation NFTs all cabin and aircraft types
All cabin and aircraft types included in AirLapse’s aviation NFTs

How do I sign-up to get a FREE NFT?

To celebrate the launch, I will give away a few pieces for FREE to 3 of the first 100 who sign up and register for the giveaway. You can use the form below.

We will record and post a video randomly selecting 3 addresses. Then, the 3 winners will be notified and asked for their NFT wallet addresses so that we can send them the reward.