Unboxing my Wise Eco Card (2023)

Unboxing My Wise Eco Card: How Long Did It Take To Arrive? (2023)

Join me in unboxing my Wise Eco Card! A few weeks ago, I wrote about the new Wise eco debit card made of sustainable materials and shared every step of how I ordered my card for €6. I now got the card delivered, so I attached some pictures below of how it looks and feels.

How long does the Wise Eco Card take to arrive?

It took ten days to receive the card since I ordered it (7 business days). I placed the order on March 6th, which arrived on the 16th. The app estimated the arrival on March 18th, so I received it two days ahead of schedule.

Unboxing my Wise Eco Card (2023)
Wise Eco Card – 2023 Unboxing

Unboxing My Wise Eco Card


The Wise eco card envelope is produced from a fiber paperboard and uses minimal ink printing. The standard packaging details were replaced with a QR code to a web page where you can find information on activating the card.


The new Wise eco card is made from Polylactic acid (PLA), a sustainable plastic substitute made with non-food corn. This material is more sustainable to source than plastic and doesn’t release toxic gases when incinerated. Ink printing is also minimal.

Overall the card feels great in the hand, and I love it already. There is an embossed Wise logo that is hard to see in the picture. I couldn’t tell that the card was not made of PVC/plastic, and it felt just like a normal card.

It’s great to know that disposing of this card will not be an issue, as all materials are biodegradable. I will update this post with some aspects and comments on its durability, as I haven’t used it yet.

I think it will last quite a lot, even more now that most people are using digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, instead of having their physical cards in their pockets.

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you have any comments or questions!

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