Truestory Stockholm January 2023 (Top 10 Experiences)

Truestory: Top 10 Experiences in Stockholm (January 2023)

Truestory is a portal of experiences for people to discover, explore and try the most unique and exclusive activities in Sweden. It is a brand created by foodies, adrenaline junkies, spa queens, wine lovers, and, most important, by a smart and talented young team always looking for new things to do, taste, and enjoy.

I got to know Truestory when I graduated. I received a gift card for a wine-tasting experience in downtown Stockholm which was incredible.

Here’s the list of the top 10 experiences during January 2023. (Number 3 is my favorite 🙂

Top 10 Experiences in Stockholm (Truestory January 2023)

1. Spa, three-course meal and overnight stay at Jacy’z

Enjoy an overnight stay in a hotel that is an experience in itself! When you’ve made yourself at home in your luxurious room and changed into swimwear, a few glorious hours await at the Miami-inspired Pachanga Pool Club – two floors with pools, saunas, sunbeds, and bars. The atmosphere is lively and the mood is top-notch. 

The three-course dinner is served at Archie’s, where you can choose from various American classics. After dinner, there is plenty to discover at the hotel, maybe a little billiards or your favorite drink in the sky bar. After a good night’s sleep, a luxurious breakfast buffet awaits with treats such as bagels and pecan & lemon meringue pie.

Truestory Spa, three-course meal and overnight stay at Jacy'z (Top 10 Experience in Stockholm January 2023)

2. Northern brunch at Knut

American brunch in all its glory, but have you tried brunch with a northern twist? Add a golden edge to your weekend with a taste experience at the restaurant Knut on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm. Brunch classics are served here in combination with Norrland delicacies, dishes that take you on a taste journey to Norrland forests full of moose, mushrooms, and cloudberries. 

The menu is based on seasonal ingredients and changes continuously with new and exciting dishes. Everything is served at the table on inviting platters in several tiers à la afternoon tea and you can look forward to a both tasty and pleasant brunch in a relaxed environment.

Truestory Northern brunch at Knut

3. Gin tasting and distillery visit at Stockholms Bränneri

Perhaps you have already heard of Stockholms Bränneri, the small craft distillery on Södermalm in Stockholm that has been a great success since its inception in 2016. But did you know that it all started many miles from our capital, more specifically in an apartment in Vancouver? 

You will learn more about that, and much more, during the gin-tasting experience and distillery visit at Stockholms Bränneri. While sipping on a really good gin and tonic, of course. Listen to the story behind Stockholms Bränneri, how exactly their gin production is done, and taste four different types of gin during a guided tasting.

Truestory Gin tasting and distillery visit at Stockholms Bränneri

4. Glassblowing in Kihlgren’s Glashytta

Are you curious about how it happens when you blow glass? Stop thinking, and be sure to try it! During the glassblowing experience in Kihlgren’s Glashytta in Stockholm, you get to try just that – blowing and shaping glass mass into a finished glass object. So bring out your inner artist, and feel like a real pro when you try tools like cutting scissors and pipes to shape your glass object. Also, don’t forget to stop occasionally to enjoy the beautiful view of Mälaren that the glass cabin offers.

Truestory Glassblowing in Kihlgren's Glashytta

5. Seafood brunch at Mister French

Surprise someone you love with a fantastic brunch at Mister French, filled with the delights of the sea and tasty French classics. In the lovely art deco-inspired environment you can relax, eat good food and enjoy the fantastic sea view, in summer there is also a lovely outdoor terrace. The menu includes everything from fresh seafood and fresh salads to grilled meat, mac ‘n’ cheese, and tasty stir-fries. Add a little extra luxury with a glass of cava or a drink with your meal. To round off the brunch, you can enjoy the delicious dessert buffet. Add a golden edge to the weekend in a happy and luxurious environment that brings to mind the French Riviera!

Truestory Seafood brunch at Mister French

6. City walk on Katarinaberget among capsules and cholera

Join an exciting historical city walk in the charming neighborhoods around Katarinaberget on Södermalm in Stockholm. Together with a knowledgeable guide who is full of stories and local knowledge, you walk from Götgatan up to Katarinaberget via narrow alleys and beautiful viewpoints. The same cobbled streets where society’s poorest once walked. Hear fascinating stories about the area, the buildings, and the various destinies that took place there. Get to know the executioner Mäster Mikael, stories about Mosebacke square, and the Italian who was accused of murder. Imprisoned by rowing ladies, witch trials, and dreaded cholera. The walk ends at Katarina church.

Truestory City walk on Katarinaberget among capsules and cholera

7. Watercolor course – basics and techniques for beginners

Learn to paint watercolor with the artist Lisa Ling in her studio on Folkungagatan in Stockholm. A watercolor course is perfect for those of you who are curious about trying painting in light forms. Watercolor painting holds many possibilities and during the course, you will learn techniques to create different expressions. 

Through creative exercises with color and water, you form flower motifs and landscapes together and get to try letting the water control and create more random expressions as well as methodically building motifs with thin layers of color. Lisa guides you through the entire process. There will also be a joint coffee break with coffee or tea and cake.

Truestory Watercolor Course

8. Course in silversmithing with Lisa Rondahl Pedersen

This is a perfect experience for those who are creative and enjoy working with your hands. You don’t need any previous experience but are allowed to throw yourself into a new craft. Silversmith Lisa Rondahl Pedersen guides you through the process of designing and manufacturing your own piece of jewelry. You will learn various basic silversmithing techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering, and polishing. It includes 10 grams of silver which you use to create a pendant or a ring of your own design. Coffee is included and at the end, you get to take your finished jewelry home with you.

Truestory Course in silversmithing with Lisa Rondahl Pedersen

9. spa day and massage at Elements Spa

Do you, or a dear friend, need a little extra relaxation? Head to Elements Spa on Södermalm in Stockholm. Here you step into an oasis in the middle of the city and let the tranquility envelop you. For two and a half hours, you have access to the lovely spa area where you can relax with a warming sauna or let the water surround you in the pools. 

As the finishing touch, a 50-minute beneficial massage is included – a treatment that not only has an immediate effect, but also a long-lasting effect. Step into the slippers, wrap yourself in the bathrobes, and let the Elements Spa help you get into your right element.

Truestory Spa Day at Elements Spa

10. Truestory gift card

The Truestory gift card can be used freely on all of the experiences. If the experience is more expensive than the amount gift card, then the recipient can easily pay the difference. Similarly, if the experience is cheaper than the amount of the gift card, then the rest can be used on another experience. Simple and straightforward.

Truestory Gift Card 2023 (Sweden)
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