Truestory Norway January 2023 (Top 10 Experiences)

Truestory: Top 10 Experiences in Norway (January 2023)

Truestory is a portal of experiences for people to discover, explore and try the most unique and exclusive activities in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I got to know Truestory when I graduated. I received a gift card for a wine-tasting experience in downtown Stockholm which was incredible.

Here’s the list of the top 10 experiences in Norway during January 2023. (Number 3 is my favorite 🙂

Top 10 Experiences in Norway (Truestory January 2023)

1. Wine tasting at the Monastery

When you open the heavy cloister door to the Klosteret Restaurant, you step into an atmospheric world of candles and cloister music. Here you are welcomed by knowledgeable staff and together with a good team sit and enjoy an evening in the Chambre Séparée – a secluded room in the rustic basement room. Here you can taste 5 different wines from the award-winning wine cellar with a whopping 800 different wines. A gastronomic and atmospheric wine tasting.

Truestory: Wine tasting at the Monastery

2. Cheese & wine tasting at Galopin Mathallen

Galopin is a specialist in delicious French farm cheeses, French and Italian cured meats, and pâté. As well as being experts in cheese, they are also passionate about wine. This is the foundation for their new and pleasant specialty shop, which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a good wine with their many cheeses. Galopin is located in Mathallen Oslo on Vulkan, where you can discover several gastronomic highlights from Norwegian and international restaurants and shops.

Truestory: Cheese & wine tasting at Galopin Mathallen

3. Spa, 3-course meal & accommodation at Jacy’z

After settling into one of Jacy’s luxurious rooms, there is much to discover at the hotel. Maybe a round of billiards, or your favorite drink in the sky bar? And of course, you have to experience the lively atmosphere in the Miami-inspired Pachanga Pool Club. Here you can frolic over two floors with pools, saunas, sunbeds, bars, and music. The evening’s 3-course dinner is served at Archie’s Restaurant, where you can choose from several American classics. After a good night’s sleep, a fantastic breakfast buffet awaits, with treats such as bagels and pecan and lemon meringue pie.

Truestory Spa, 3-course meal & accommodation at Jacy'z

4. Cheese and wine tasting at Winther Aker Brygge

This course is led by Siri Helen Winther and Youssef Khriss or Gloria Varini. Siri Helen Winther is a 4th generation oyster and has worked with food all her life, and for the last 15 years with cheese. She is a judge in cheese both nationally and internationally. Youssef is a sommelier and has a great passion and knowledge of wine. Gloria has run her own restaurant in Italy for 15 years and is a sommelier. Together, they put together a hand-picked selection of wines and cheeses, so that you can taste several exciting and good combinations.

Truestory: Cheese and wine tasting at Winther Aker Brygge

5. Brunch at Nedre Foss Gård

Nedre Foss Gård is an innovative gathering place for memorable taste experiences. The restored farm building from the 19th century by Vulkan on Grünerløkka now houses both a restaurant, a brewery, a beer bar, a wine bar, and a speakeasy cocktail bar. The close cooperation between all the concepts makes this place a destination for both all-nighters with large companies and small everyday moments where you want to treat yourself to something extra good.

Truestory Brunch at Nedre Foss Gård

6. Paint & Fun at Paint’n Sip Oslo

What do you get when you mix paint and something good to drink together? A magical evening with a good atmosphere, namely. So just bring your group of friends, colleagues, or someone else you love for a good dose of Paint’n sip. You get all the painting equipment and a skilled painting instructor shows you the way. Then just take a fortifying sip from the glass and challenge Picasso’s genius. Finally, you can take your masterpiece home.

The Paint’n Sip concept was created by two sharp and creative minds, Kristian and Pål. Their idea is to mix two happy worlds together; wine and painting. Paint’n sip is therefore their contribution to giving us social creatures an experience that creates a good atmosphere and some above-average creative paintings.

Truestory Paint and Fun at Paint'n Sip

7. Pizza course at Peloton Bar

Would you like to learn the art of making homemade pizza with the expert’s best tips? At Peloton Bar they know how and they would like to introduce you to the secret behind the right flavor combinations, which wine is the best to pair with different pizza themes, and all this in an informal and cozy atmosphere. Join the Italian pizza chef Semcha and wine manager Aimar on a journey of discovery in food and drink and go home full of new knowledge and the recipes to continue baking pizza.

At Peloton in Torggata, you get an exquisite taste experience in an informal and cozy atmosphere. The quality is top notch and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. “The best pizza in town,” they say, and with expert guidance in the world of wine in addition, the stage is set for a gourmet pizza without pretentiousness.

Truestory Pizza course at Peloton Bar

8. Beer tasting with food at Aass Bryggeri

Welcome beer enthusiasts and curious foodies, to an all-nighter at Aass Bryggeri! On this experience, you can join Norway’s oldest brewery, and get an insight into both the production and the history. After an informative tour of the brewery, a beer tasting awaits in the Gildehallen with 8 types of beer from Aass, both old classics and new favorites. The evening then ends with the chef’s menu based on seasonal produce.

As Norway’s very first brewery, Aass was established in 1834 in the heart of Drammen. In the true family tradition, Aass is now run by the family’s fifth generation, Christian Aug. K. Aass, and the brewery currently has 25 different brews for every taste. Within the brewery’s walls, you will find two different breweries: the Bryggerhuset and a pilot brewery where the specialists experiment with different flavors and innovative twists on brewing beer. Beer tastings and events are held on the brewery’s premises, either in the Gildehallen or in the Direktørboligen. Aass is based on quality, culture, tradition, and innovation – which is strengthened by the company’s rich history.

Truestory Beer Tasting at Aass Bryggeri

9. Ceramic course at Viarte Keramikk

Maybe you’ve tried it before? Or maybe you’ve never come across it. Turning is using your hands to make shapes in clay using a rotating turntable. A lump of clay buzzes around and around until you slowly but surely transform it into a bowl, cup, or vase. If you’ve wanted to try it yourself, the Viarte ceramic workshop is the place to start. Here you can easily start creating something unique!

Truestory Ceramic Course at Viarte Keramikk

10. Truestory gift card

The Truestory gift card can be used freely on all of the experiences. If the experience is more expensive than the amount gift card, then the recipient can easily pay the difference. Similarly, if the experience is cheaper than the amount of the gift card, then the rest can be used on another experience. Simple and straightforward.

Truestory Gift Card 2023 (Sweden)
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