The new Revolut cards are sleek! (2022 Unboxing Revolut Standard)

I’ve been a Revolut client for a couple of years, even before they officially launched in Sweden. When they first opened based in the UK, I got a physical card that looked average, nothing special.

Recently, the app popped up with a notification saying that the old cards were going to be reissued and replaced by new ones. So I want through the process of confirming the address.

A week later, the new card arrived in my mailbox, here’s a quick unboxing!

Revolut Standard Card Unboxing

The packaging is simple but kinda cool. It’s very straightforward to open, with nothing to break or tear apart like the card.

The branding is bold, a big Revolut logo is the first thing you see. There’s not so much text written on the cardboard other than a few welcome sentences.

This card is the “Standard” one, which is free (no maintenance). It is still plastic, but compared to the previous edition it looks much sleeker and it does have a bit of a premium look from far away. The gradient adds a cool effect. The card is contactless, with the logo on the back.

One cool thing about Revolut is that you can customize your design and choose among different colors and templates before ordering it. You can also upgrade to better plans to get metal cards instead of plastic.

These days I’m mainly using my digital wallet with Apple Pay. It’s very straightforward to connect Revolut with Apple Pay, and even to combine it with Curve to get an extra 1% cash back and other features like Go Back In Time.

Read more about Revolut here. I use it to transfer money to my Visa Card with free currency exchange.

Read more about Curve here. Get €6 FOR FREE after your first transaction when you order the card using my link.

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  1. The previous packaging was even nicer. There is big security problem with their packaging – there is no way to find if it was opened on the way. No holographic sticker or anything. They use local postal operators to repackage the cards and send them with cheaper local post. Any employee in these companies can steal your card data.
    I’ve just had to block my brand new card, which I haven’t even used because there were attempts for unauthorized transactions. Fortunately the card was frozen at the time, but their customer support could not explain what has happened.

    1. Oh damn! That’s bad. We could send this feedback to them so that they are aware. Also, do you have pictures of the previous packaging? Would love to see! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting.

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