The Curve Card finally supports Apple Pay! Get €5 FREE to try it out!

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Some weeks ago I wrote my first impressions of the Curve Card (Curve App). Curve is the first credit card aggregator in the market, and presents a great alternative to digital wallets, but with a physical alternative, as well as some excellent extra features such as Go Back In Time.

One of the main drawbacks I listed in that post was that Curve didn’t support Apple Pay, but that came to an end today. Curve released support for Apple Pay!

This is fantastic news since now it means that you can connect any non-apple pay compliant card to Curve, and just use your Curve card. In Sweden, there are many banks that still don’t support Apple Pay, such as SEB, which issues the SAS EuroBonus MasterCard that I love.

Curve Card finally supports Apple Pay

To set it up, simply open your Curve app and click on Load to Apple Pay. Follow the steps and boom!

Add Curve to Apple Pay

I’m eager to test this out in the next few days and make a video review! Stay tuned!

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