SWISS 20 years anniversary in-flight Chocolate

SWISS turns 20 years and Celebrates onboard (SWISS airlines 2022)

I recently flew SWISS from Copenhagen to Zurich, and Zurich to Miami in Business Class. This flight was part of my SAS EuroBonus redemption I shared earlier. Once onboard the first flight, I found a nice surprise. The in-flight magazine was a special edition, celebrating the 20 years anniversary of SWISS Airlines.

SWISS as a brand was conformed in 2002, after Swissair filed for bankruptcy. Since then, the airline has grown quite a lot, mainly from the technical and operations side. They opened up operations in Geneva and Basel, and merged with Lufthansa Group.

They announced some offers for their SWISS 20-year anniversary so stay tuned here!

Here are some pictures I took from the in-flight magazine. The fleet sheet is actually quite interesting, they ranged from Avros to Embraers to Airbus to Boing in various different mixes.

Stay tuned to check out the upcoming reviews for my two flights with SWISS!

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