Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023

Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023: Book NOW For Discounted Prices!

New Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023. If you visit right now, you’ll see their “best prices” on travel worldwide, according to their campaign. Make sure the tickets are booked and issued before March 27th. The travel period is quite broad, from April 15 until December 15, 2023. For Asia, USA, and Canada, the offer is even more generous for travel from August 14, 2023, and February 29, 2024.

PRO TIP. If you are a EuroBonus member, remember that these promotional fares usually earn the least points (and sometimes zero). Always remember to balance the discount you get versus how much it will help you qualify for benefits or a higher EuroBonus tier.

Example Prices (Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023)

Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023 - Terms

From Stockholm to Europe

Seen discounts between 13% and 40%. Plenty of options, dates and destinations available (if you have flexibility).

Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023 - Stockholm to Europe

From Stockholm to North America

Discounts between 20% and 35%. The most common routes are New York (also on the new A321LR route), and Chicago.

Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023 - Stockholm to North America

From Copenhagen to Asia

From Stockholm to Asia, there was no availability, so I checked from Copenhagen. These are the fewest discounts; you can see some alternatives to Shanghai starting in November (although other airlines are much cheaper).

Scandinavian Airlines Promo March 2023 - Copenhagen to Asia
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