SAS Mastercard stops earning points with Curve

The SAS Mastercard Stops Earning Points With Curve (February 2024)

Bad news EuroBonus lovers. SEB just announced that the SAS Mastercard stops earning points with Curve from February 2024 (and similar services). This is a setback for most of us who were combining Curve with rewards cards such as the EuroBonus MasterCard.

Curve is a card-aggregator that we covered many times in the blog (under the philosophy of ‘one card to rule them all’). In the beginning, I used it heavily because it helped bring Apple Pay to many cards that didn’t support it. With time, they added great features such as go-back-in-time and extra rewards that several EuroBonus members claimed to be useful to rack up points faster.

With these changes, the SAS EuroBonus Mastercard will detect when a transaction is forwarded by Curve and simply not accrue any points.

SAS Mastercard Stops Earning Points With Curve

The announcement was made through changes in the terms and conditions.

Conditions for earning SAS EuroBonus points

  • Extra points can be used for travel, hotel, and car rental in the SAS webshop but are not level-based and do not affect your membership level with SAS EuroBonus.
  • You do not receive Extra Points when you make cash withdrawals.
  • You will not receive Extra Points for transfers between you and another private person.
  • You cannot receive Extra Points on purchases made with a card other than SAS EuroBonus Mastercard & Mastercard Premium, for example, Curve and similar services. It applies from 6 February 2024.
  • The Extra Points you receive as a welcome bonus are deposited into your EuroBonus account no later than three months after your purchases, provided that you still have the card at the time of the points transfer and have not had a card in the last two years.
  • Status points can raise your membership level with SAS but cannot be used to buy bonus trips or other products in the EuroBonus program. The status points are calculated at 25% of the month’s earned extra points via the card. The points are registered directly on your EuroBonus account with SAS no later than the 10th month after. It only applies to Mastercard Premium.
  • In the event that it appears that transactions are without real purpose and mainly carried out to earn EuroBonus points, SEB Kort has the right to disregard these transactions when calculating EuroBonus Extra Points.

Read the full terms & conditions here.

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