SAS Launches New Website, May 2023

SAS Launches New Website Design (2023)

Today when I was looking for availability on the newly announced flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok, I noticed that the site was slow. A few moments later, I noticed changes, and I’m glad I managed to take screenshots before and after the process! Scandinavian Airlines SAS launches new website designs on several of its home pages.

For now, I only noticed the changes on the Swedish and Norwegian home sites (, and

SAS Launches New Website: Sleek Design and Look (May 2023)

The design is pretty much in line with the recent brand changes and mobile apps (for iOS and Android), with larger blocks and either full-screen or half-screen tiles.

Here’s how the new website looks

SAS Launches New Website (May 2023) - English

Here’s how the old version of SAS home page was like

SAS Old Website Design

I also noticed a change in the splash screen when trying to log-in to the EuroBonus profile. Now you get this page:

SAS EuroBonus Login on New Website (May 2023)

Other than that, I haven’t seen so many more changes. I will go through a booking to check if that remains the same. I also haven’t seen an announcement or press release yet on the SAS blog, but I will stay tuned and update the post if that happens.

In the meantime, enjoy the new looks! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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