Scandinavian Airlines Journeys That Matter 2022 Ads

SAS launches “Journeys That Matter”: Post-strike marketing campaign (2022)

Scandinavian Airlines just launched a new ad and marketing campaign Journeys That Matter, attempting to recover some trust and motivate travellers after the recent strike. that really resonated with me and how I think about travelling. Last few years of my life I’ve been away from family and the loved ones, and I found a safe and sound place in travelling. Flying was my ground cable, I felt home. Every journey mattered.

After watching the new SAS ad, I couldn’t stop reflecting about the countless hours I spent working and saving that last single cent (or point, or mile) to spend it on my next flight. I don’t regret any single one of my trips.

Last marketing campaign from SAS, “Truly Scandinavian”, was not very well received as it was quite controversial. It was even covered in Forbes, and some other outlets. Hopefully this time critics will be better.

Let me know in the comments what you think! You can read the whole campaign below

Journeys That Matter – SAS new Ads 2022

Just like you, we love traveling. That’s why SAS has brought Scandinavia to the world and the world to Scandinavia for more than 75 years.

Every day we see how journeys have the power to give us new perspectives, new experiences, and lifelong memories. And even if a departure has a well-known destination, the reasons for going are just as many as passengers boarding the plane.

Whether you’re going away, going home, reuniting with friends or to enjoy quality time with your family, we understand how much the trip matters to you. And that’s why we always strive to give you a great experience, whichever journey you’re on.

Welcome on board.

What matters to you, matters to us

Some sun, a beach and a couple of chairs can go a long way when you keep the right kind of company. Forget about everything else for just a moment, and stay in the moment you’re in.

Don’t let the distance come in between

You love each other, and you miss each other. That’s all it really should take. Call ahead or show up unannounced. The best times are the ones we spend with the people we care about, so why not pay them a visit?

No plan is also a plan

Go offline, maybe even off-road. Take the scenic route wherever you go. No need to plan ahead, the most unexpected discoveries usually lead to the most unforgettable memories.

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