SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Increases the welcome bonus (2023)

SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Increases The Welcome Bonus To 5000 Points (2023)

These are great news for SAS EuroBonus lovers, just like us! The SAS EuroBonus Mastercard increases the welcome bonus from 3000 to 5000 points, starting in new applications. The bonus increase is valid for their World Mastercard product (the entry tier). On their premium card, the bonus is still 10.000 points. Remember that several changes were applied in February on their World Premium card.

In addition, SEB does not offer a referral program like the SAS Amex, to get incentives as a member when referring friends or family.

The new bonus is now reflected on our 2023 SAS EuroBonus Calculator. Use the page below to get access to it and estimate how many points you can rack up in a year.

SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Increases the Welcome Bonus To 5000

SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Increases The Welcome Bonus: Get 5000 Points When Signing Up

To get the 5000 Extra points as the welcome bonus, you need to make your first three purchases within 30 days of being granted the card. You can apply here.

The increase is valid in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

SAS EuroBonus Mastercard World: New Earnings 2023

Another addition: +500 points with Avis

Book the rental car with Avis, pay with your SAS EuroBonus Mastercard or SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium and get 500 Extra Points. You get these points in addition to the points you can get as a EuroBonus member. The offer also applies during promotional periods.

For example, if you earn 1,000 points when you book the rental car with Avis, you will receive an additional 500 Extra Points when you pay for the rental car with your SAS EuroBonus Mastercard. A total of 1,500 Extra Points.

  • If you want to participate in any points campaign and use your EuroBonus benefits, you must enter your AWD number on the back of your EuroBonus card. You can also find the AWD number in the SAS app.
  • You cannot earn points on corporate, contracted, or tour operator rates.
  • Remember always to present your EuroBonus card and the AWD number on the back when collecting the vehicle.
  • The points are deposited into your EuroBonus account about one week after you have returned the rental car.
  • As a EuroBonus member, you save up to 15% on Avis holiday fares and up to 40% on standard fares. You also get an extra driver free of charge worldwide.

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