NOW: SAS EuroBonus extends elite status for 12 months! (finally)

Scandinavian Airlines finally decided to jump on the train and follow other airlines that are extending elite status to their SAS EuroBonus Silver, Gold and Diamond (not sure about the exclusive Pandion level).

It took a while until they figured it out and emailed us. I got the notification via email about one hour ago, and it is quite short , clear and concise:

In some facebook groups I saw that you could actually email them and request to have your (cancelled) flights credited, if you hold a booking between February and April, and had to cancel due to covid-19. They were not crediting extra points (the one you could use for free flights), but only basic points, which were the ones used for qualification.

I’m not sure yet how this will work now that they are extending status to every EuroBonus member, maybe they still keep crediting flights in March and April? We’ll see. I emailed them regarding this a few days ago, will report back with more info soon.

Meanwhile, SAS is having a hard time, yesterday, Aftonbladet announced that they were notifying 5000 more people working for them. I really hope they can recover soon once operations restart.

Since Scandinavia is not one of the main European hubs, it wouldn’t be surprising to see quite drastic offers from SAS to try to compete with other European airlines once things start to normalize. Keep an eye on the offers!

Screenshot 2020-04-29 17.04.01.png

Check my review of the first SAS A350 flight from Copenhagen to Chicago, earlier this year! I paid with my EuroBonus points using fly 2-4-1 voucher from American Express SAS.

Email text:


Although there currently is not possible to travel and earn the level qualifying Basic points required to maintain your level of EuroBonus, we still want to give you previously have traveled a lot with us, the best service we can.

As a thank you for your loyalty, we will therefore extend your current membership level in 12 months. * We do this automatically for you, whose qualification period ends sometime between March 31, 2020 and February 28 2021.Förutsatt that you have qualified for your level through their own merits either by accrual of Basic points, Status points, or via travel with SAS and Widerøe.

If your membership level is Gold or higher, you will be credited with your previous qualifying period for your Lifetime Gold-years, although in a formal sense did not qualify for the Lifetime Gold.

Once your current membership expires, it is renewed automatically and your new membership cards are readily available in SAS App. We hope you will enjoy having your membership card digital future, for it is one of many efforts in our sustainability efforts. Do you still have a physical membership card, you can order one by logging in to your EuroBonus profile.

We continue to follow developments closely – and hope that we will soon have the pleasure to welcome you on board again!

Greetings from SAS EuroBonus

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