SAS app update to v5.8 with cool new features (June 2023)

Cool Updates On The New SAS App (June 2023)

The SAS app got a good update a few days ago for both iOS and Android users, with cool new features. Here’s a recap.

Some of the new features in version v5.8 are

  • Incoming aircraft flight delay notification (as many other US airlines do, such as American and Delta).
  • Map with stores where you can earn EuroBonus points.
  • Share boarding passes with fellow travelers.
  • SAS corporate users can make bookings using Corporate Net fares.

SAS App v5.8 Update (June 2023)

Splashscreen announcing the update

SAS app v5.8 update splashscreen

Map with EuroBonus shops

Map with stores that earn EuroBonus points

Track EuroBonus Lifetime Gold progress

SAS App v5.8 - Track lifetime gold

Past trips and aircraft flown

Something really cool is that they keep track of your past trips, including the aircraft registration plates! You can sort them by how many times you’ve flown each.

SAS app v5.8: track previous flights and airplane registration

Vote for features in the roadmap

You can check the roadmap and influence it by voting for the features you want! They do a pretty good job at prioritizing what users are looking for.

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