SAS Amex Elite New Metal Design (2024)

SAS Amex Elite Introduces New Metal Design And Fees For 2024

More new coming in for SAS and EuroBonus lovers, January seems to be packed with updates, after the SAS EuroBonus Mastercard announced it will stop earning points with Curve. Now it’s time for American Express. The SAS Amex Elite will go through a redesign, now in black metal, and increase its monthly fee from 400kr to 500kr.

SAS Amex Elite Metal (Black) - The SAS Amex Elite Introduces New Metal Design From March 2024

I’m sure most members will appreciate the new design and metal card, but maybe not be very happy about the increased fees. Now that inflation is decreasing, prices still going up on expensive products like these don’t make so much sense. However, I still think the card fees are worth it for heavy travelers, considering all the benefits such as fast-track to Silver status, plus the 2-for-1 vouchers.

Random (funny) thought, I asked ChatGPT to use DALL-E and create a ‘potential design’ of the new SAS Amex Elite black metal card, and this is what it turned out 😅😂. Enjoy!

New SAS Amex Elite Metal black card design created with AI (ChatGPT/DALL-E)

SAS Amex Elite Introduces New Metal Design

We contact you to inform you about upcoming updates to your SAS Amex Elite membership. The changes will enter into force on March 14, 2024.  

Card design 

The card design for SAS Amex Elite is updated. If your next card renewal occurs after March 14, 2024, you will receive your new card with the new design in precision cut metal.


Due to increased costs for providing your account, the monthly fee for SAS Amex Elite will be adjusted from SEK 400 to SEK 500. See full membership terms and conditions here.

SAS Amex Elite gives you continued access to: 

  • 2 for 1 trips around the world twice a year
  • 20 EuroBonus Extra Points per SEK 100 on all purchases
  • 20,000 status-based points every year
  • Supplementary travel insurance for you and your family

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service via chat in the Amex SE app.  Thank you for being a member of American Express.

Read more here.

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