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Revolut vs. PayPal: Revolut launches Revolut Pay (2023)

Revolut has just announced a new payment service called Revolut Pay. The main idea behind it is to work as a secure-checkout method, just like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and PaySafe. In recent years, we have seen many of these competitors, but PayPal is a giant monster that is hard to beat. Amazon Pay has gained some traction given the massive investment that Amazon has put behind it, and the volume they move. Still, PayPal is much more broadly accepted and started in this race years before.

The strongest point of Revolut Pay compared to PayPal is its fees. Plus, Revolut (as a bank) has cards everywhere, whereas PayPal doesn’t. A bank transfer in or out of PayPal’s account can take days, and there are fees around everything you do.

Revolut Logo

It is a full bank and a payment service
Deposit insurance
Hold multiple currencies
Sending money to friends is free
Best currency exchange rates
Premium cards
Accept payments as a merchant (UK only)
Get €70 when referring friends

PayPal Logo

Is only a payment service
No deposit insurance
Hold multiple currencies
Sending money is expensive
Expensive currency exchange
Only debit card in the US
Accept payments as a merchant (worldwide)
Well established

WIse Logo (2023)

No hidden fees or subscriptions
Real exchange rates
Hold multiple currencies
Low fees
Biodegradable card
Great Business package
Send money abroad easily
Get €75 when referring friends

What is Revolut Pay As a payment method?

Revolut Pay is a new secure online checkout feature that allows UK and EEA businesses to present ‘Revolut Pay’ as a payment method across product, cart, and checkout pages.

Revolut Pay aims to disrupt the payments ecosystem by making shopping online even easier as it facilitates direct payments while providing top security for Revolut users: payments will be validated via secure features such as Face ID or fingerprint unlocks, and no account number will be shared. This will help prevent fraud and keep users’ funds safe while shopping. 

Revolut has already signed up retailers, including ShopifyPrestaShopWHSmith, and Funky Pigeon with more to come in the coming months.

Revolut Pay will enable consumers to earn cashback on purchases through mobile and desktop browsers. If you’re a Revolut user, it will integrate seamlessly. If not, you’ll still be able to use the feature with cards from other providers.

Revolut Pay is a payment method available to any online customer regardless of whether they have a Revolut account. It allows customers to pay for a product or service from a merchant that offers Revolut Pay as a payment method at checkout.

Revolut Standard Card (Revolut vs. PayPal) - Revolut Pay
My Revolut Standard Card 2022 is sleek!

Main benefits of Revolut Pay

  • There are no limits. Compared to PayPal, this could be an advantage. I’ve tried to pay over 3000 USD using PayPal and got rejected many times. I had to call both them and my card issuer.
  • Easy checkout experience. Revolut account holders don’t need to input card or bank details, while non-Revolut customers can save their details after their first purchase.
  • Convenient in-app confirmation of purchases for Revolut account holders. Similar to what Curve offers when you use their cards.

How to use Revolut Pay

If the details you’ve input while checking out match the ones we have stored, you’ll be asked to confirm the transaction, and that’s it! If the details aren’t sufficient to ensure it’s you, you’ll also have to scan a QR code.

Is Revolut Pay Safe?

You are protected by the Pay with Revolut Buyer Protection Policy which allows raising a claim if you believe the merchant hasn’t fulfilled your order. Revolut will then investigate.

Read more on Revolut’s blog.

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