Revolut Learn And Earn NEAR Course Answers 2023

Revolut Learn And Earn NEAR Course ANSWERS (2023)

Good news for Revolut lovers. There’s a new Revolut Learn and Earn NEAR course that you can take if you want to earn a bit of extra money for free. The course has two lessons and takes under 5 minutes to complete (answers below).

I wrote about my experience with Revolut’s Learn and Earn here, back in July 2022. We have seen this initiative before, both with Coinbase and University. If you are a Revolut user, take advantage of this offer and some extra money for taking the course.

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Revolut Learn and Earn NEAR Course Answers (2023)

Revolut Learn and Earn NEAR Answers

Answers to Lesson 1

  • What is NEAR Protocol?: A proof-of-stake, Layer 1 blockchain
  • What is the purpose of Nightshade Sharding in NEAR’s blockchain?: To enhance scalability and efficiency in transaction processing.

Answers to Lesson 2

  • What is the Blockchain Operating System (BOS): An operating system designed specifically for Web3
  • What’s the main purpose of the BOS in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem?: To allow developers to easily build and distribute decentralised apps.
  • What types of applications can be found on the BOS?: Social media apps, loyalty programs, NFT marketplaces, and more.

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