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Revolut Learn Adds 1inch Course (Learn and Earn Crypto)

Revolut has teamed up with the DEX aggregator 1inch Network and added a crypto course on the Revolut Learn tab (inside your Revolut app). Users can earn the $1INCH token for taking three lessons and learning about the basics of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

I went ahead and took the three lessons in less than 10 minutes, and earned about 15 SEK of $1INCH token. Here’s what you see on the Revolut app:

What is Revolut Learn?

Revolut Learn & Earn is a program offered by Revolut which allows eligible customers to learn about supported crypto assets by completing short lessons and earning crypto tokens for free.

The crypto Learn & Earn gives you the opportunity to learn about a specific cryptocurrency by completing lessons consisting of videos or cards and answering questions designed to test your knowledge and understanding. Once completing a lesson, you may receive a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward. Coinbase has a similar system

So far, I have earned a total of 176 kr (€17) with the Revolut Learn program. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is still nice that there is an incentive to learn and use their platform as a crypto exchange and hot wallet.

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