Revolut Black Friday Offer 2022

Revolut BLACK FRIDAY offer: Cheaper Revolut Metal Upgrade (until Nov 29, 2022)

Revolut Black Friday Offer for 2022 is bringing up a spicy promotion for the ones willing to unlock their money’s potential, with a first-ever one-off discount on its annual subscription to Metal plan (i.e. cheaper Revolut Metal card). This new offer is going to run in parallel with the recently announced 3-month free premium offer, and it does not replace it.

To access the promotion as a new customer, simply select the discounted Metal upgrade when signing up, by choosing to pay and use the Black Friday discount to upgrade to Metal instead of getting the 3 months of free Premium trial offer.

The Revolut Black Friday Offer is valid from the 15th until the 28th of November, and it is valid in the UK and EEA, except for Croatia.

Revolut Metal – what are the benefits?

You can read my full Revolut review here, where I explain the differences between the cards. Among the benefits of Metal, you’ll find

  • Customizable metal debit cards made from reinforced steel metal, in black, gold, lavender, silver, or space grey.
  • Cashback on purchases.
  • Exclusive travel benefits, such as unlimited no-fee FX in 30+ currencies Mon-Fri, increased (5%+) cashback on Stays, travel insurance, and discounted airport lounge access.
  • Reduced fees for investment products and higher ATM withdrawal allowance.
Revolut Black Friday Offer: Revolut Metal Personalized Card
Revolut Metal offers a customized metal debit card from reinforced steel metal, in black, gold, lavender, silver, or space grey.

Revolut Black Friday Offer – Discounted rates

With this year’s Revolut Black Friday offer, you get a discounted upgrade rate to Revolut Metal. Here’s the comparison before the standard vs discounted rate with the offer applied.

CurrencyCountryAnnual Metal Subscription Price without the Black Friday OfferAnnual Metal Subscription Price with the Black Friday Offer

As you can see, on average you can save around €55 on your annual subscription, which is a lot!

About Revolut Metal

Revolut Metal is the most exclusive card offered by Revolut. My favorite feature is that you can get 1% cashback, and if you combine it with Curve you get 2% cashback in total. The card is made out of stainless steel, it has a stylish design, and its metal finish gives a feeling of exclusivity. It’s really one of the best metal debit cards out there.

Revolut Metal offers, among other things, travel benefits such as travel insurance and access to airport lounges. The best feature lies in its low transaction fees. With the metal card, you get all the benefits that the other cards offer (such as no currency surcharge).

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