Revolut Bank launches in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and more European countries (deposits protected!)

Long-story short
Revolut is becoming and official bank in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and more countries, with protection up to €100.000 EUR. Join Revolut using my link to get €10 free, and discounted upgrade to Premium and Metal cards. Once you joined Revolut, you can also get €60 per person you refer!

The long wait is over! Revolut has rolled out its Lithuanian banking licence across ten more markets.

People in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain can now upgrade and benefit from deposit protection of up to EUR 100,000 to their accounts for free in just a few minutes. This means that today Revolut is becoming an “official bank” in Sweden and Denmark, with great advantages over slow monster banks such as Nordea, Handelsbanken, Swedbank or SEB.

Revolut Bank: How It All Started

Revolut first launched as a bank in ten EU countries in 2018, and today it takes the grand total to 28 countries where Revolut operates as a bank.

I’ve written a few articles about Revolut before, covering some of the benefits such as free currency exchange up to €10.000. Great if you want to convert nordic currencies like SEK, NOK, DKK or some other to EUR, and send combine it for cash back. It’s also great for sending payments to friends and families in the same or other countries.

You can also open Junior accounts (up to 5), invest in different financial instruments (stock, funds), save for the future (sparkonto) and even buy cryptocurrency!

You can join Revolut using my link and get €10 for fre. If you sign up for Premium or Metal cards you can also get discounted rates.

Hope this move would help consolidate Revolut in the nordic countries, and more people start jumping on this new-banking alternatives, as big banks are getting expensive and outdated!

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