New Plutus virtual cards coming July 25th

Plutus Virtual Cards Are Coming (On July 25th)

New Plutus virtual cards are set to launch on July 25th, 2023. Recently Plutus moved to a new banking operator Modulr, and the transition allows them to issue virtual cards and merge the two balances (account balance with card balance), so that it doesn’t require a manual top-up anymore, finally!

If you are a Plutus card holder, you will get a new Plutus card, and your existing one will become void. The current balance will be lost, so make sure to use it or get it using an ATM before!


Virtual Cards are being rolled out, read more about it here.

New Plutus Virtual Card – The Details

Your current account (Modulr) and card account (Solaris) are two separate balances provided by two partners. Plutus is consolidating these two accounts into one provided by a single partner, Modulr.

Ongoing Offer

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Plutus Virtual Cards

 On July 25th, 2023, you will receive a new Virtual Card issued by Modulr. This means you will temporarily have two cards (details found in the app):

  • A Virtual Modulr Card (new)
  • A Physical Solaris Card (old)

On August 10th, 2023, your existing physical Solaris Card will become void. You will receive an official email regarding the closure of your Solaris account tomorrow.

So far, you can continue to use your card as usual. However, by August 10th you should clear all funds on your Physical Solaris Card (i.e. have a 0.00 balance). You can do this by spending your funds or withdrawing them from an ATM. If funds remain on your Solaris Card after the closure date (August 10th, 2023), you can redeem your funds free of charge by contacting Solaris. Plutus will provide these details closer to the closure date.

These changes enable users to get virtual cards, higher spending limits, and a unified card balance.

Will there be new physical cards?

Yes. Some time in august you will be able to order new physical to replace your Solaris card. Read more details here.

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