Plutus New Perks Announced Including Ikea, YouTube and Amazon!

Plutus New Perks: Amazon, Ikea, And YouTube! (Get €100 In PLU When Upgrading)

Plutus new perks were just announced! “Perks Thursday” they call it, where they will announce new perks every Thursday starting today. With the new perks, you can get €10 back in PLU, just like before with Spotify or Netflix, but on three new merchants: Ikea, Amazon, and YouTube.

This is great news as many people shop on Amazon, Ikea or even have premium YouTube accounts. In addition, to celebrate the announcement, Plutus is also running a promotion to reward everyone that upgrades to a new Reward Level, with €100. Read more about their Reward Levels here (we’ve written about them before).

PRO TIP (Ongoing Offer)

When you use my referral link, you can get €10 for free after depositing your first €20. You also get Spotify or Netflix reimbursed.

When I opened the app, I got the following notification:

Plutus New Perks: Amazon, Ikea and YouTube (May 2023)

Plutus New Perks Announced – Amazon, Ikea, and YouTube


  • Start Date: 25th April 2023 00:00 BST
  • Cut-off Date: 15th May 2023, 23:59 BST
  • Reward Date: 19th May
  • Reward: £/€100 in PLU
  • You must upgrade your reward level before the cut-off date.
  • You must have one of the following perks selected before the cut-off date – Amazon, Ikea, or YouTube.
  • Users who downgrade and then upgrade again to the same Reward Level will not be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are GOAT members able to participate?

No. As this campaign relates to upgrading your Reward Level, and GOATs are on the highest Reward Level, they are not eligible to participate in this particular campaign.

2. What if you downgrade and then upgrade?

Whatever your Reward Level was on the 27th of April, 00:00 BST, It must be an upgrade to the reward level above this. Downgrading and then upgrading again (i.e., remaining on the same Reward Level) will not result in receiving the promotional rewards.

3. Can I upgrade multiple Reward Levels (Hero to GOAT)

Yes. Users who upgrade several levels will receive £/€100 in PLU.

4. Why is the start date earlier than the campaign announcement?

Plutus is aware that some members have upgraded your Reward Level in anticipation of the new Perks, and feels you should be rewarded for that!

5. It takes 30 days for a perk to become active? Will I still get rewarded?

Yes, so long as the perk is selected until it takes effect (e.g. 30 days), you will receive the rewards. Upgrade to a new Reward Level first and select one of the new perks to receive the rewards.

Note: If you are found in any way to be gaming any of our offers or features, Plutus reserves the right to revoke your reward payout. 

Plutus New Perks


It’s great to see new perks coming up. The more options, the more attractive the platform will be. Many people shop at Amazon, so it will be a popular option among members. In Sweden and the Nordic countries, IKEA has a very strong presence, and people buy often. Those extra €10 in PLU rewards will be attractive to expand Plutus’ presence in Scandinavia and beyond.

So far, I’ve been very happy with my Plutus card, the perks are slow (take 30 days), but after the first or second cycle, you get used to the whole reward system, and the ball is rolling. I’m also really looking forward to their PlutusDEX restarting (they have paused it until June) since the alternative via Metamask is also slow and more costly as of today.

As always, feel free to contact me on Instagram if you have questions or feedback!

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