Plutus New Features (Coming Up March 2023)

Plutus New Features and Scheduled Maintenance: The App Will Be DOWN! (2023)

Plutus new features are coming up next Monday! From Monday, 13th March, 12:00 GMT, the Plutus app will be down for scheduled maintenance lasting approximately 48 to 72 hours. The bright side is that they will release new features after the scheduled maintenance!

Only the app (web and mobile) will experience downtime. Your card will still work (if it has sufficient balance on it), and any payments will still earn rewards.

Plutus New Features March 2023

What’s coming?

  • New Account Details: Next week, you will receive new current account details (European IBAN) and your existing account details will expire.
  • New Bank-like features: Once the app is back up and running, you’ll be able to send money to friends and family, as well as receive money (e.g. salary)
Plutus New Features (Coming Up March 2023)
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