Plutus Metal Cards Waitlist (2023)

Plutus Metal Card Waitlist NOW OPEN (2023)

The waitlist for the Plutus Metal Cards was just officially announced! You can join the waitlist by going to their landing page and typing your email. Pre-order will start in September, but you’ll need to make a 25 PLU deposit in your wallet to be elegible.

Ongoing Offer

Get €10 after you deposit your first €20 when you sign up for Plutus using my link. You can also get free Spotify or Netflix.

How to join the Plutus Metal Card waitlist

Plutus Metal Cards – Join the Waitlist

Only customers who connect a crypto wallet (like MetaMask) containing 25 PLU before 20th September will be eligible to pre-order.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Plutus app on Desktop
  2. Connect a wallet containing >25 PLU (maintain balance)
  3. Join the waitlist (must use Plutus email)

Statement from Plutus

The Plutus Metal Card isn’t just a card – it’s a symbol of distinction. Metal Cards are available exclusively to users who stack PLU, which aligns with our long-term goal of increasing PLUs utility. Two metal cards will be available depending on your Reward Level. Stay tuned for more updates – join our waitlist below 

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