Plutus Metal Card Requirements (2023)

Do This If You Want A Plutus Metal Card (Requirements in 2023)

Plutus Metal Cards are almost ready to be preordered, so we summarize all you need to know about these new cards, bundles, benefits, and also requirements to get one in 2024. Make sure to join the waitlist, stake the required PLU, and select your bundle before September 28th.

Plutus claims that with these new cards, you’ll easily get the bundle cost back in rewards in the first few months.

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Plutus Metal Card Requirements in 2023

Plutus Metal: All You Need to Know

Available Metal Card Card Versions

Plutus announced two different Metal cards:

  • GOAT Metal — The pinnacle of prestige, awarded to esteemed GOATs.
  • Plutus Metal — Gateway to yielding benefits, assigned to eligible users.
Plutus Metal Card Variants: Plutus Metal and GOAT Metal

With these cards, you get access to features such as supercharged perks (up to £/€50), double reward vouchers, and stackable Perks.

Plutus Metal Cards offer three distinct bundle options for different needs and value tiers. Heroes can earn up to £/€2,400 worth of PLU in perks alone, and GOATs up to £/€4,800 with the most premium bundle.

  • Champion (£/€249): Metal Card, 3x Months, 3x Double Reward Vouchers, 3x Golden Ticket, Premium Merch Box.
  • Master (£/€649): Metal Card, 6x Months, 6x Double Reward Vouchers, 6x Golden Ticket, Premium Merch Box, Stackable Perks.
  • Grandmaster (£/€1249): Metal Card, 12x Months, 12x Double Reward Vouchers, 12x Golden Ticket, Premium Merch Box, Stackable Perks, Branded Ledger.
Plutus Metal Card Bundles in 2023

Key Metal Benefits

If you are wondering about the advantages of having a Plutus Metal card, here’s a quick summary. Plutus claims that with every bundle, customers can easily recoup the costs and far more in rewards.

  • Supercharged Perks: Earn up to £/€50 in PLU Rewards per perk for up to 12 months.
  • Double Reward Vouchers: Choose transactions once per month to earn double rewards on, with a potential value of up to £/€100.
  • Stackable Perks: Combine perks to increase the reward value of a single perk.
  • Golden Tickets: Invite friends and family via a Golden Ticket, and both of you will enjoy a $50 referral bonus.
  • Premium Merch Box: Includes a limited edition T-shirt, Hoodie, Metal Card, and a branded ledger (select bundles).

Is Plutus Metal Worth It?

The Plutus Metal card is worth it if you manage to use all the bundled perks and benefits. Here are two concrete examples of how much money you get back from Plutus if you upgrade to Metal. These examples assume you get all the rewards for referring people.

Example 1: Hero with Champion Package

  • Perks: 4 perks x 3 months x €20 = €240 in PLU
  • Double Reward Voucher: 3 x €100 = €300 in PLU
  • Referral Bonuses: 3 x €50 = €150 in PLU
  • Total PLU Potential: €690

For this package, you’d have to spend €250, so you can potentially get €450 in rewards.

Example 2: GOAT with Grandmaster Package

  • Perks: 8 perks x 12 months x €50 = €4,800 in PLU
  • Double Reward Vouchers: 12 x €100 = €1,200 in PLU
  • Referral Bonuses: 12 x €50 = €600 in PLU
  • Total PLU Potential: €6,600 worth

for this packFor this package, you’d have to spend €1250, so you can potentially get €5350 in rewards.

Plutus Metal Card Requirements

To become eligible to pre-order a Metal Card, you must meet the following criteria

For GOAT Metal:

  • Unlock GOAT Reward Level by meeting PLU stacking criteria.
  • Join the waitlist using your Plutus account email address.

For Plutus Metal:

  • Connect a wallet to your Plutus account.
  • Accumulate a stack of ≥25 PLU in this connected wallet.
  • Join the waitlist using your Plutus account email address.

Moreover, if you’ve reached the Hero, Veteran, or Legend Reward Level, you’ll automatically qualify for pre-ordering if you are on the waiting list.


  • Join the Waitlist: Ensure eligibility before September 27th, 11:59 BST.
  • Pre-order Starts: On September 28th, 13:00 BST, the pre-order window opens for eligible waitlist members.
  • Act Fast: Metal Cards are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited edition.

General FAQ

Plutus Metal Benefits FAQ

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