Plutus is back! Plutus app is now live again.

Plutus Is Back Live! Check Your New Account Details (2023)

Plutus is back! A few days ago, they announced a total halt of their operations between March 13th and March 15th (21:00 GMT). The reason was that they migrated to their new banking partner, Modulr, to enable new features they had on their roadmap.

As you can see in the picture below, I got the notification at around 18:30 (GMT+1), which said, “Your old account details have expired. Log in to view and update your details.”

Plutus is back from maintenance!

NOTICE: The Plutus DEX is still paused until June 2023. This means you won’t be able to exchange your PLU rewards for other currencies or top up the card within the Plutus card. Instead, you need to use an external wallet (read this guide).

Plutus is back: New account details

To check your new account details, go to the Plutus app. You’ll most likely need to log in again using your email, password, and authentication code (Authy). Then on the home tab, tap the + sign under Current Account.

Plutus Modulr New Account Details - Tap on Bank Account

It will open a new tab with your account details, as you can see here:

Plutus and Modulr: New account details

PRO TIP: Use Wise or Revolut to top-up your Plutus card with no foreign transaction fees.

When checking the new swift code MODRNL22XXX, you can effectively see that the registered banking partner is Modulr, based in Amsterdam.

Modulr Swift code MODRNL22

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