Plutus Card Unboxing (2023)

Plutus Card Unboxing: Looks GREAT, But Plastic? (2023)

My card just arrived in the mail, so check below for fresh pictures of my Plutus card unboxing! If you are new to the blog, I’m using Plutus to get free Spotify and free Netflix every month using their Plutus Perks.

My Plutus Card Unboxing (photos)

The pros: the card looks elegant and sharp, and the combination between blue and gold makes it stand against other cards in your wallet (even metal ones).

The cons: it feels cheap in hand, and it scratches easily. I can already notice some scratches on the surface, particularly on the blue part. It is also made from plastic, which is terrible for the environment (unlike, for example, the Wise eco card).

Some alternatives
Plutus Card 2022
Plutus Card

Get €10 after you deposit €20
Free Perk (Spotify or Netflix rebate)
3% to 8% cashback
Noncustodial wallet
Refer friends and get €10

Nexo Card 2022
Nexo Card

Get €20 after you deposit €100
2% cashback or 0.5% in BTC
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Borrow money at 0% interest
Refer friends and get $25 visa obsidian black Visa

Get $25 after you “stake” €350
1% or 2% cashback
Free Spotify only for 6 months
Reward only in CRO
Refer friends and get $25

As usual, feel free to contact me on Instagram if you have any comments or questions!

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