NordVPN Summer Sale 2023

NordVPN Summer Sale With Massive Discount: 66% Off (Until August 7th)

NordVPN summer sale is here with a huge 6% discount on the 2-year plan. It’s a massive saving considering you’ll end up paying just $3.49 per month, but you can get NordPass discounted as well.

I’ve been using NordVPN since 2015, when I started traveling heavily, and I got two attempts for hijacking my email (read more about it here). I didn’t trust public WIFIs or hotel networks, so I decided to jump on the fastest VPN. Since then, I’ve been very happy with the service, and I even bought a special ASUS router that supports it.

NordVPN Summer Sale 2023

NordVPN Summer Sale 2023

  • Date: June 13 to August 7.
  • Special offer:
    • 2 years of NordVPN with 66% off (comes down to $3.49/month).
    • 1 year of NordVPN with 57% off (comes down to $4.99/month). 
NordVPN Summer Sale 2023

Also discount on NordPass

  • Date: June 13 to August 31. 
  • Special offer:
    • NordPass 2-year Family plan with 53% off (comes down to $2.79/month). 
    • NordPass 2-year Personal plan with 40% off (comes down to $1.79/month). 
NordPass Summer Sale (2023)

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