Nordic Choice new name is Strawberry

Nordic Choice Hotels Is Now Strawberry, Changes Name After 25 Years

The name change is finally complete, and starting today, Nordic Choice Hotels is now Strawberry, officially. The largest nordic hotel chain rebrands after 25 years of operation. As of 2023, its portfolio has a total of 214 hotels, manages 3.000 apartments via Strawberry Living, and employs close to 15.000 individuals. The new brand Strawbery aims at providing unique experiences on top of hotel stays and meeting venues.

Nordic Choice Hotels is now Strawberry

Nordic Choice Hotels Is Now Strawberry

Over the past quarter-century, Nordic Choice Hotels has become a leading figure in the Nordic tourism industry. They plan to double their number of hotels over the coming decade and broaden the perks and services within their loyalty program. The company’s ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem incorporating its own brands and external partners to provide unique experiences across the Nordic region.

Strawberry Hotels and Experiences

Petter A Stordalen, the owner of Strawberry and founder of Nordic Choice Hotels, credits their committed team of employees for the company’s growth. He stated, “They’ve been instrumental in developing one of the largest hotel groups in the Nordic region, offering a range of hotel experiences from budget to luxury.” He believes that the key to becoming the region’s most compelling tourism entity lies in expanding the company’s product and service offerings under the umbrella of its loyalty club and hotel group. Emphasizing this strategic shift, the company will adopt the name ‘Strawberry’ and eagerly anticipates embarking on this new journey.

Since its establishment in the 1990s, Nordic Choice Hotels has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory. Between 1997 and 2000, the company added a new hotel every two weeks and 50 new employees every ten days. Today, it stands as the largest hotel group in Norway and Sweden. It boasts a total of 214 hotels across five Nordic countries, including the Baltics, manages 3,000 apartments via Strawberry Living, and employs close to 15,000 individuals.

Stordalen firmly believes that growth is integral to the company’s DNA. He explains that they aspire to excel in providing hotel experiences and will continue to redefine our role in the tourism sector to become increasingly relevant to more guests. Rebranding from Nordic Choice Hotels to Strawberry signifies a thrilling new chapter for them.

What Does Strawberry Offer?

1. Hotels and Destinations

Strawberry has over 200 hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Baltics. Whatever hotel you choose, you are guaranteed a great experience and the best prices when you book directly.

Strawberry has four hotel chains: Clarion Hotels, Comfort Hotels, Quality Hotels, and independent hotels with more exclusive experiences.

Strawberry Hotels and Destinations

2. Conference and Meetings

Strawberry provides a venue for those looking to host a meeting, congress, interview, kick-off, or conference. It creates an overview of the facilities available in your preferred destinations. If you’d like to organize a quick drink in a bar or a nice meal in a restaurant, you can find more detailed information about what’s available on-site on each respective hotel’s website. You can book a meeting room online. View 360° images, get information about specific rooms, and tailor your venue to suit your needs.

3. Experiences

With Strawberry Experiences, you get access to Spa & wellness treatments, exclusive restaurant offers, and stays at selected properties. The brand is now combining experiences as part of its standard products, similar to what other boutique hotels or sites offer (e.g. Truestory). This makes it easier for members to get more services and even get or redeem points.

Strawberry Experiences

Member Benefits

  1. 5-15% off hotel stays. Members always get 5-15% off standard rates on overnight stays with breakfast (the standard rate on the website). This benefit cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Breakfast is not included at a few of our hotels, including Comfort Hotel Xpress. You can always see whether or not breakfast is included when booking.
  2. Free coffee. As a member, you can enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you find yourself near one of our hotels. The promotion is also valid for tea. The best part is that you do not need to stay at the hotel to get coffee!
  3. Partners. As a member of Strawberry, you can take advantage of a range of benefits and offers from a list of partners. You can also use or earn bonus points at selected partners – regardless of your membership level.
  4. Early access to campaigns. As a member, you will be among the first to receive our best hotel offers and special deals.

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