No one wants to fly anymore… and you can see it in the award seats (AwardFares)

Given the current aviation crisis and world situation, airlines are shutting down routes, grounding their fleet, and maintaining only minimum operations. It’s going to be a hard hit for them, and the worst part is that we don’t know how much it will last.

Scandinavian Airlines, for example, put all operations on pause and is only flying cargo and with passengers that want to return to their home countries. They also put a pause on all award bookings and point earnings.

I talked about AwardFares before, the best tool to find Star Alliance availability across multiple frequent flyer programs. In the tutorial I posted recently, you can clearly see how award seats were limited, and often times you have to struggle and move dates around to be able to find space.

However, since these days almost no one is flying anymore, you can see how the trend is the opposite: more and more seats are available to book. I don’t think this trend is going to happen again, so I thought it was worth taking a screenshot and sharing here 🙂

Star Alliance availability during Covid

Also, many of the upcoming flights have plenty of seats available in almost all classes:

Star Alliance availability during Covid (2)

As an avgeek, it is really saddening to see airlines like this. Of course, as a person, it is saddening to see the world in crisis. Hope things pass soon.

Find Star Alliance Award Availability

If you haven’t seen my AwardFares tutorial, you can watch it here. I included a 20% off link in the video (affiliate) if you want to try it. Stay safe!

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