Nexo Earn with DeFi Announcement (2023)

The Nexo Wallet Now Supports Earn With DeFi (2023)

Nexo just announced a major feature release on their Wallet roadmap: Earn with DeFi. The feature lets you supply assets and generate yield in a couple of clicks, and you can access it directory from your Wallet.


Nexo Earn is offering increased rates until April 17th. Read more here.

Nexo Wallet New Feature: Earn with DeFi (April 2023)

Nexo Earn With DeFi Benefits

What is Earn with DeFi?

  • Intuitive Approach. Earn with DeFi allows you to earn yield with just a few clicks. All your positions are gathered in one place and easy to monitor.
  • Multiple Pools. Currently, you can earn via three pools from the Compound protocol – USDC and wETH on the Ethereum mainnet and USDC on the low-cost Polygon.
  • No Lock-up Period. You can exit your position at any time, and the minimum you need to supply is just $10 of USDC or wETH.

Once you have wETH or USDC in your Nexo Wallet or any of your connected wallets, go to the Earn tab. Choose where you want to supply assets and start earning. Note that the rates may vary over time as they are determined by the underlying protocol, which Nexo provides access to but cannot control.

Nexo Wallet DeFi Terms

Read the full DeFi terms here.

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