Nexo Quests 2023

Get A 75 USDC Bonus With These Nexo Quests (Until September 30)

The giant crypto platform Nexo has announced a new campaign for new users who haven’t funded their account yet called Nexo Quests. Each quest has a different prize, which includes getting up to 75 USDC for free, up to 50 NEXO tokens, plus 1 month Platinum for free. The prizes are distributed to everyone who meets the requirements during October and November.

If you haven’t tried Nexo yet, this is a great time to do so. They have one of the safest platforms today and one of the best interest rates on fixed-term investments, flex terms and staking.

Nexo Quests 2023

Nexo Quests: Get 75 USDC Bonus And More (2023)

What are Nexo quests?

1. The Funding Quest: Get up to 75 USDC

Fund your account with at least $1,000 worth of any asset until Sep 30 in one or more top-ups, with a bank transfer, card, or from an external wallet, and win 10, 25 or 75 USDC (as in the figure below)

Nexo Funding Quest (Get 75 USDC). One of Nexo Quests 2023

2. The Trading Quest: Get Up to 50 NEXO Tokens

Complete a simple crypto swap on the Nexo Exchange or trade spot on our advanced exchange, Nexo Pro. Trade as little as $1,000 in a single or multiple transactions until Sep 30 to set yourself up for rewards. The higher your volume, the more NEXO Tokens you get.

Nexo Trading Quest 2023 (Get up to 50 NEXO)

3. The Platinum Quest: Get 1 Month Free Platinum Tier

Grab a bonus reward once you meet the minimum requirements of the previous quests. Getting free access to our highest Loyalty Tier means you get the best out of Nexo, including a 16% earning rate, 0% interest on loans, and 0.5% cashback on exchange transactions.

Nexo Platinum Quest (2023)

How to Get 75 USDC for FREE with NEXO

  1. Get a new account in Nexo
  2. Fund your wallet with at least $1000 USD in assets
  3. Go to the Savings Hub
  4. Start a fixed-term investment
  5. Select an asset
  6. For term, select 3-months
  7. Review the details (disable auto-renewal)
  8. Confirm
  9. That’s it. On November 10th you’ll get the rewarding USDC.

In my case, I funded my account by transferring about $1400 USD in Bitcoin from to Nexo:

Then, I started a fixed-term investment with those BTC:

Nexo Quests: Terms and Conditions

The period to fund your account and trade crypto is from September 1 at 14:30 UTC to September 30, 2023, at 23:59 UTC

All existing clients who haven’t funded their accounts before August 31, 2023, and newly registered clients can participate.

Here’s how you add funds to your account

  • Buy digital assets directly with your credit, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or bank transfer. Card transactions are instant, as well as EUR and GBP transfers from banks that support SEPA Instant or FPS, respectively.
  • Top up digital assets from an external wallet by using your Nexo deposit address.

Do you need to add the entire $1,000 at once?

No, you can spread out the required amount over multiple purchases or top-ups. For example, you can add $300 with а card and $700 via bank transfer and still be eligible for a reward. 

Keep in mind that only crypto purchases, deposits, and bank transfers will count toward the total amount. Internal transfers between accounts won’t be included.

How do I become eligible for the Funding Quest reward?

If you prefer keeping your assets on the platform without a lock-up period, you need to have a portfolio balance of $1,000 or more 30 days after the date you first reach that amount. At any time during the 30-day period, your balance should not fall below $800 as a result of market volatility or withdrawals to remain eligible.

If you choose to move your $1,000 or more into a 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12-month Fixed Term, you become eligible immediately after creating it.

If you are a referred client who is eligible for a bonus via the Nexo Referral Program, you will only be eligible for a Funding Quest reward if you creatе a 3-month Fixed Term or longer. The reward in that case would be 50 USDC.

When and how will the rewards be distributed?

  • The rewards from the Funding Quest will be distributed to all eligible users by November 10, 2023.
  • The rewards from the Trading Quests will be distributed to all eligible users by October 10, 2023. 
  • Users who have completed the Platinum Quest will also be granted the Platinum tier by October 10, 2023.

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