Nexo Earn Promo 2023 (April)

Nexo Earn Promo Until April 17th (5% Higher Rates)

Nexo just announced a new Easter campaign! The Nexo Earn Promo is valid until April 17th and gives you the opportunity to earn interest rates up to 5% higher than the standard rates.

The promotion is valid when you stake in a 3- or 6-month period and one of the following tokens: XRP, XLM, LTC, BCH, BNB, TRX, ADA, LINK, and EOS. The promo period is 3-17 April 2023.

Nexo Earn Promo 2023 - Promo Rates
Nexo Earn Promo Rates (2023)

Overall, if you are a user that regularly stakes assets to earn interest, it is an excellent opportunity to get an extra boost. It would have been nice if they also did it for shorter stakes, like one month.

Nexo Earn Promo (Easter 2023)

How does it work?

Nexo Earn Promo 2023 - How does it work?


How long are the promo rates available?

The promotional 3- and 6-month Fixed Terms will be available for selection between April 3 at 12:00 GMT and April 17 at 12:00 GMT.

How to select the promo Fixed Terms?

Open the Nexo app and navigate to the Savings Hub. Tap Create Fixed Term and choose your desired asset. Tap on Period and select the promo Fixed Term you prefer. Move the number of tokens you want to earn a bonus on, tap on Preview Term, and confirm it.

How to get the maximum interest rate for each token?

The highest rates are accessible if you are on a Platinum Tier, which means that at least 10% of your portfolio is made out of NEXO Tokens. In addition, you need to choose to earn your interest in NEXO Tokens and select a promo Fixed Term. The 3-month term earns you +2% bonus interest. Selecting the 6-month term gets you +4% or +5%, depending on the asset, making you the maximum interest rate.

What happens after the promo Fixed Term ends?

Your assets will be automatically moved to FLEX Term after the expiration of the promo Fixed Term. If you want to continue earning more than the rate on FLEX Term, you can move your assets to a standard 1-month Fixed Term and enable Automatic Renewal.

What’s the minimum amount you can keep in a Fixed Term?

It depends on which asset you want to move to a Fixed Term:

  • XRP – 5.00
  • XLM – 20.00
  • LTC – 0.01
  • BCH – 0.005
  • BNB – 0.05
  • TRX – 150.00
  • ADA – 5.00
  • LINK – 0.30
  • EOS – 0.50
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