Non-custodial Nexo Wallet Waitlist

Nexo Announces Non-custodial Nexo Wallet (Coming 2023)

You can now join the non-custodial Nexo Wallet beta! I got an email this morning to join the beta program and get an update to finally migrate my Nexo wallet to a non-custodial one, like the one Plutus offers.

What’s the setup Like? Once the Beta Program starts, you will have two options:

  1. Create your Nexo Wallet with a new identity and aggregate all your addresses under it.
  2. Connect through external wallets like MetaMask, combine them under one identity and track your balances from an intuitive dashboard.
Plutus Card 2022
Plutus Card

Get €10 after you deposit €20
Free Perk (Spotify or Netflix rebate)
3% to 8% cashback
Noncustodial wallet
Refer friends and get €10

Nexo Card 2022
Nexo Card

Get €20 after you deposit €100
2% cashback or 0.5% in BTC
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Borrow money at 0% interest
Refer friends and get $25 visa obsidian black Visa

Get $25 after you “stake” €350
1% or 2% cashback
Free Spotify or Netflix only for 6 months
Reward only in CRO
Refer friends and get $25

Smart wallets solve one of the biggest problems of standard non-custodial wallets — user experience. The smart contract-based Nexo Wallet builds on top of that with identity, cost-efficiency, and more.

The Nexo Wallet is a solution unlike any other. On one side is self-custody, because there’s no better time to take control of your crypto. On the other are the smart capabilities that turn innovative concepts into reality.

  • Create Your Web3 Identity: Build your on-chain persona and prove ownership of all your crypto and NFTs. You no longer need to track 10+ different addresses — combine them under one identity for ease.
  • Optimize DeFi Fees: Batch multiple transactions to save on gas fees and pay them with stablecoins or wETH.
  • Cost-Efficient Swaps: Aggregate liquidity from multiple DEXs to get the best possible prices for your swaps.

Non-custodial Nexo Wallet: how to join the beta?

  1. Go to this website.
  2. Join the waitlist with your email
  3. Wait for the confirmation
Non-custodial Nexo Wallet (2023) - Join the waitlist
Non-custodial Nexo Wallet Waitlist
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