The new Terminal B at Ezeiza International Airport (2023)

The New Terminal B At Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport Is STUNNING (2023)

On one of my recent flights with Aerolíneas Argentinas, I had the chance to visit the new and recently opened Terminal B at Ezeiza International Airport, the main airport serving Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s stunning.

The new terminal is a state-of-the-art facility that offers passengers a modern and efficient departure experience. The new Terminal B has been in development for several years, and it is located in the same building as the old Terminal B, but it has been completely renovated and expanded. It features a spacious check-in area, a modern security checkpoint, and a great variety of shops and restaurants. There are also more boarding gates, which will definitely help to reduce passenger congestion.

The new Terminal B is a significant improvement over the old terminal, and it feels competitive against other top airports worldwide.

Some of the key points of the new Terminal B:

  • Spacious check-in area with 120 check-in counters
  • Modern security checkpoint with 12 security lanes
  • Wide variety of shops and restaurants
  • More boarding gates (27)
  • Improved passenger flow
  • Increased capacity (up to 10 million passengers per year)
The New Terminal B At Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport (2023)

Can you move between terminals at Ezeiza?

As of July 2023, all three terminals are connected internally. The new Terminal B is finally connected directly to Terminal C (domestic flights), and going outside the buildings is no longer necessary. You can move freely between Terminals A, B, and C, which takes about 10 minutes. There are walls with accessible information and assistance to passengers with reduced mobility, such as wheelchairs, escalators, and elevators. However, there is no priority lane for security or passport control.

New Terminal B at Buenos Aires Ezeiza (Photos)


Check-in counters

Stores and Restaurants

Connecting to Terminal C

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