SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator 2023

NOW LIVE! New SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator ready for 2023

Happy December! A new month comes with a long-awaited and just refreshed SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator!

The newly updated version includes versions for four countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. In addition, it lets you calculate points earned in different categories such as credit card spending, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, the SAS online shopping portal, and additional offers. It will also estimate your elite status, as well as the estimated value of your points.

The tool WILL NOT store or collect any of your answers, but you (and only you) can get a copy of your results via email if you want to.

Changes in the 2023 SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator 2023:

  • Different tools for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.
  • Calculate points from categories including
    • Credit card spending
    • Hotel stays and ongoing hotel offers
    • Car rentals and transportation
    • Cruises
    • SAS online shopping portal
    • Additional offers (Samsung, Fortum, Bjurfors, DN, Coop, etc.)
    • Basic points (status points) and elite status achieved
    • Fly 2-4-1 vouchers (by SAS Amex)
  • Calculation of estimated credit card cost and points value
  • Includes recent changes announced by the SAS EuroBonus Mastercard for 2023
  • Added new banking institutions such as DNB and Nykredit
  • Get a summary copy via email

You can access the tool here, and start using it by filling in the form and choosing the right country.

SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator 2023
SAS EuroBonus Points Calculator 2023 (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland)
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