Revolut Polkadot Learn And Earn Answers

New Revolut Polkadot Learn And Earn Course: WITH ANSWERS (2023)

A new Revolut Polkadot Learn and Earn course is now available in Revolut’s app! I wrote about my experience with Revolut’s Learn and Earn here, back in July 2022. We have seen this initiative before, both with Coinbase and University.

If you are a Revolut user, take advantage of this offer and get up to 13 SEK (€1.21) worth of Polkadot (answers below).

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Revolut Polkadot Learn And Earn Course

Revolut Polkadot Quiz Answers

Answers to Lesson 1

  • What is Nominated Proof Of Stake?: Polkadot’s energy-efficient way of validating transactions
  • What are Nominators?: Users who stake their DOT tokens by selecting validators
  • What are the main reasons for users to participate in staking?: To help secure the network and earn DOT rewards.

Answers to Lesson 2

  • Which of the following is not a benefit of Polkadot’s multichain design? It allows users to earn rewards.
  • What is blockchain interoperability? When blockchains can communicate and work together.
  • Which of the following is not an aspect of interoperability on Polkadot? It’s only for transferring tokens.

Revolut Polkadot Learn and Earn Valid Regions

Revolut Polkadot Learn and Earn courses are available for European and UK customers only.

Crypto Learn and Earn is a program by Revolut that allows eligible customers to learn about supported crypto assets by completing short lessons and earning crypto rewards.

Crypto Learn and Earn allows you to learn about a specific cryptocurrency and familiarise yourself with the world of crypto by completing lessons consisting of videos or cards and answering questions designed to test your knowledge and understanding. Once completing a lesson, you may receive a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward.

The reward you will receive for completing a lesson will be shown to you in the Revolut app before starting each lesson. The reward amount you will receive will be denominated in fiat currency (like GBP or Euros), but the reward will be in a cryptocurrency token – for example, “€5 of DOT”. The amount of cryptocurrency rewarded will be calculated using the exchange rate at the time of the reward, as outlined in our Cryptocurrency Terms. You may read through and complete a lesson multiple times, but you are only eligible to earn the reward associated with that lesson once.

Press Release

Revolut, the global financial superapp with more than 27 million customers worldwide, is taking another step forward towards its mission to make crypto more accessible, with a fourth ‘Learn & Earn’ course. In this second course with Polkadot, users will be introduced to the ins and outs of staking and have the ability to collect additional DOT, Polkadot’s native token, by staking directly in-app.

Polkadot was the first protocol whose token was made available through Revolut’s ‘Learn & Earn’, enabling customers to collect DOT tokens while learning about technology that underpins financial innovation. The new course is available to Revolut customers in the UK and EEA, who can get up to 8 GBP/ EUR in DOT tokens by taking these short and simple courses and passing the final quiz. The reward will be added to the user’s Revolut crypto balance after correctly completing the quiz, and then the customer can apply their new understanding by staking their tokens in-app. 

The ”Polkadot Bonus” course consists of two lessons. The first explains the process of staking; the second lesson focuses on the multichain concept and multichain interaction. The content is based on visual materials including interactive cards and videos to share key insights about Polkadot’s native token, DOT, as well as Polkadot’s use cases. 

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