Curve Cards: New Prices and Curve X Tier (60% discount)

Curve has been trying to find new ways to make money and has now introduced new cards, a new pricing structure, and new tiers: Curve X and Curve Metal.

Ongoing Offer

Get €6 after your first transaction when you apply for any of the Curve cards using my link. Read more about my experience with Curve here.

The free version (Curve Blue) is still there, but there are more limits: now you can link only 2 cards, apply 1 smart rule, and use the Go Back In Time feature 3 times per month. Also, delivery is no longer free, and it costs £4.99.

The golden days of the free Curve tier have ended, but it is still convenient to have it and combine it with a couple of other cards if you consider the Curve Rewards/cash back and that it costs nothing to have it. It is also convenient to cover those cards that don’t support Apple Pay yet.

In addition, they offer a 60% discounted upgrade to their Curve X tier so that most people have a soft landing on their medium-level card with higher limits. Read the full email below.

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Curve (the O.G)


  • Link 2 cards
  • Go Back in Time (max 3 uses/mo)
  • GBIT up to 30 days
  • Set 1 Smart Rule
  • Fee-free FX up to £1000/month
  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £200
Curve Blue (Curve Cards)
Curve Blue

Curve X


  • Link 5 cards
  • Go Back in Time (unlimited use)
  • GBIT up to 60 days
  • Set 5 Smart Rules
  • Fee-free FX up to £2000/month
  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £200
Curve X (New tier in Curve cards 2022)

Curve Black


  • Link cards (unlimited)
  • Go Back in Time (unlimited)
  • GBIT up to 90 days
  • Set Smart Rules (unlimited)
  • Fee-free FX (unlimited)
  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £400
  • 1% cashback at 3 retailers
  • Travel insurance.

Curve Metal


  • Link cards (unlimited)
  • Go Back in Time (unlimited)
  • GBIT up to 120 days
  • Set Smart Rules (unlimited)
  • Fee-free FX (unlimited)
  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £600
  • 1% cashback at 6 retailers
  • Phone & travel insurance
  • Discounted lounge access worldwide
  • Car collision waiver insurance

New Curve Cards Announcement (Email)

Hi Germán

Since starting Curve, we’ve rebelled against the impossible to give you more freedom and control over your money. That won’t change. But there is an economic storm brewing, and we’ve had to relook at how we price Curve. We’ve switched up our subscription tiers so we can deliver more of what matters to you in the future – faster payments, sharper insights, greater savings and ultimately, total control over your financial life.

What’s changing?

Curve will still be free, but we’re introducing limits to the free Curve card:

  • Set 1 Smart Rule
  • Add up to 2 payment cards
  • Go Back in Time 3 times per month

Only customers with a premium subscription can add a commercial card. You can still Go Back in Time for up to 30 days, and spend fee-free up to £1000/month abroad.

Introducing Curve X

Rather than removing the free tier, we’ve added a high-value, low-cost subscription tier called Curve X, priced at £4.99/month.

  • Add up to 5 payment cards
  • Go Back in Time up to 60 days
  • Go Back in Time as many times as you want
  • Spend without fees abroad up to £2000/month

60% discount for you

We wanted to say a massive thank you for getting us to where we are today. And we wanted to do it with more than words. So we’re giving all existing customers 30 days to upgrade to Curve X for the discounted price of £1.99/month for a full year.

Why’s it happening?

We’ve always promised to be upfront and transparent with our customers. You can read more from our founder and CEO, Shachar Bialick on the reasons behind the changes in the blog below.

When’s it happening?

Changes to the free Curve card will come into effect 60 days from the date this email was sent. All changes described here will be reflected in our Terms and Subscription Schedules. If you’re unhappy with the changes and want to close your account, you can cancel straight from the app and it’s free to do so – you don’t need to contact CX. If you don’t contact us within 60 days, we’ll assume you accept all outlined changes. You can save a copy of our new Terms by clicking here. Got more questions? Our support agents will be able to hel

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