Plutus Food Perks (2023)

New Plutus Food Perks: McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC (2023)

New Thursday, new perks! Are you ready to get some money back when dining out? Plutus seems to be taking action and going full speed ahead with its improvement plan. They have added 3 new Plutus food perks: McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. To celebrate these new benefits, they are launching two promotions (more details below)

With the new perks, you can get $10 back per month when using the Plutus card on those merchants. Simply spend with the card, and they will reimburse you the same amount in PLU rewards.

PRO TIP (Ongoing Offer)

When you use my referral link, you can get €10 for free after depositing your first €20. You also get Spotify or Netflix reimbursed.

Now when you log in to the app, there’s a new Food & Drinks tab under Perks.

Plutus Food Perks on the App

New Plutus Food Perks (Promotions)

Both promotions are running until May 23rd, 2023.


1. Get $20 when upgrading to Premium

To celebrate the occasion, Plutus is offering $20 in PLU. To participate, you need to complete the following steps before 23rd May to receive your rewards:

  • Select one of the new food Perks
  • Select the Premium plan (this must occur before 23rd May)
  • Wait until your upgrade takes effect (this can take effect after 23rd May)

Note: Rewards will be issued on 23rd June after your upgrade has been verified.

This promotional reward does come on top of the up to €705 worth of rewards you can earn each month on a Premium plan. To upgrade to Premium, go to Settings > Account Manager on the web app.

2. Tweet a photo for $1000 in PLU

The second promotion they are running is pretty simple. You can get $1000 in PLU by accomplishing the following steps.

  1. Snap a photo of your Plutus Card at McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC.
  2. Tweet the pic with a caption about Perks and #HungryForPlutusPerks.

That’s it! You are already participating. The best photo will win $1000 in PLU, and they’ll award many $100 in PLU runner-up prizes.

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