NEW! Connect ANY debit or credit card and earn SAS EuroBonus points!

SAS launched a fantastic feature today for EuroBonus members that let you connect any debit or credit card to their system to track spending and earn extra points from the Online Shopping Portal.

This is a very powerful feature because:

  1. Many EuroBonus members don’t know about the SAS Online Shopping Portal.
  2. The list of partner merchants changes frequently and now this will be reflected automatically, without requiring us (the members) to log-in and look for the merchant in their list.
  3. The previous system required logging in to the Shopping Portal and being referred to the merchant via a landing page, and the purchase was tracked using cookies. Sometimes this didn’t work and the purchases were missing, which you had to manually claim and took months to resolve.

I would recommend linking your cards to your accounts to make sure you don’t miss any extra points on your purchases! Here’s how to do it.

First you go to the landing page here:


Then, you click on link your card or kopla kort här. You will be prompted to log-in


After you log-in you will see your EuroBonus account number, as well as an input field for your credit card number. Fill in your card details.


As a reminder, points you earn through the SAS Online Shopping Portal are on top of the extra points you earn via SAS credit cards, so if you are connecting an SAS World Mastercard or an SAS American Express you will earn points twice. This will be reflected on the Terms and Conditions you will have to accept as another box:


After you fill in your card information, you can click on Register Now (Registrera Nu).


You will see a confirmation screen, also asking to connect more cards.


Just out of curiosity, I continued adding my other credit cards such as my SAS Amex Elite, as well as my Norwegian Visa. After you add all your cards, you can see both a summary of all the cards linked to your account, as well as a summary of the transactions that were tracked automatically:


Then you are all set! This is a fantastic initiative and feature to have in the SAS EuroBonus program. Some other programs such as American Airlines AAdvantage and Delta Skymiles already had something similar for their dining programs, where you connected your cards to their system and automatically tracked restaurants to earn extra miles. Now this is available across all merchants affiliated to the program. Bravo SAS!

Looking forward to start trying this out and post a review with more information!

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