AwardFares New Features April 2023

New AwardFares Features! Support for American AAdvantage, Alaska MileagePlan, And More (2023)

New AwardFares features were just announced! AwardFares now supports American AAdvantage and Alaska Airlines MileagePlan. In addition to the two new programs, the tool also added significant improvements when doing searches.


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I recently got to interview AwardFares founders Philip and Richard to get more details and “behind-the-scenes” of the tool. Make sure to check that out!

Also, AwardFares will host a live stream next Wednesday, May 2nd, together with Poangen Med Euroonus. Read more here.

New AwardFares Features (April 2023)

1. Two New Programs Added: AAdvantage and MileagePlan

The AwardFares crew has been working incredibly hard over the last couple of months to bring these great new improvements. Now added support for two new programs, supports American AAdvantage and Alaska MileagePlan programs! You can now search under both programs with the new frequent flyer program picker.

AwardFares now supports American AAdvantage and Alaska MileagePlan (New AwardFares Features)

2. New Frequent Flyer Program Picker

The Frequent Flyer Program field is now at the forefront of the search, easier to interact with, and more clear. You can still perform broad searches, but now it defaults to a single program, which most searches aim at.

AwardFares New Frequent Flyer Program Picker

3. Metro Area Searches

You can now search for flights to all airports in a particular city using a city code. For example, find all flights to Tokyo (HND and NRT) by using TYO. Similarly, find flights to all New York City airports (e.g., EWR and JFK) using NYC, to all London airports using LON, etc.

AwardFares Metro Area Searches

4. Better First-class Availability with SAS EuroBonus

AwardFares has a new algorithm to estimate first-class availability with SAS EuroBonus: they now source data from other frequent flyer programs to complement the available data from SAS, giving you more accurate results and a better likelihood of finding open award seats.

I’ve actually used it THIS WEEK to book a First-class award flight from Stockholm to Buenos Aires in May with Lufthansa (details and report coming soon!). AwardFares helped me track, monitor and identify this award smoothly, and this was the first time I could book Lufthansa First! So I’m more than excited.

AwardFares First Class with SAS EuroBonus

Conclusion: AwardFares New Features (April 2023)

It’s always nice to see new features coming, and these platforms evolve in what users ask and need. We covered AAdvantage many times in the blog, and we are heavy users of the program, so the addition of these two new programs will come in very handy to make better use of those miles.

We love AwardFares and have been following their lead since its inception. It has saved us hours of manual work when searching for awards, and definitely on our top list of tools for frequent flyers. Make sure to check it out!

Source: Full announcement post here.

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