New AirDNA Update with Major Changes

The Whole New AirDNA Update: MAJOR Changes (2023)

September brought in a ton of updates, including a completely new AirDNA version with major changes. We have been fans of AirDNA since we wrote our first review post. It has helped me price my home when I needed to rent it short-term while I was away on a sabbatical. However, in that first article, I brought up some downsides, such as the pricing, availability of data, and other aspects if you wanted to explore multiple cities.

Now, next time you log in, you’ll see a radically transformed interface, packed with innovative features, as the company states. Whether you’re an investor, host, manager, or researcher, these upgrades will refine your experience.

And this is just the start. AirDNA has hinted at even more exciting features on the horizon, set to roll out over the coming months and into 2024. Current users can get an exclusive first look by logging into their account. If you’re yet to explore the revamped AirDNA, now’s the perfect time.

Here’s a quick overview of the highlights.

New AirDNA Update: Major Changes in 2023

New AirDNA Update: What’s New?

1. Worldwide Access for Every User

AirDNA has expanded its global reach. Even free subscriptions now have unrestricted access to every market worldwide. This allows users to explore trends, revenue, and occupancy rates across countries, cities, and even specific neighborhoods, simplifying investment decision-making.

AirDNA Update: Explore everything in the world

2. AirDNA’s Enhanced Market Score

The new color-coded AirDNA Market Score wheels, an evolution from the original Market Grade, deliver a score from 0-100 to indicate a specific area’s potential as a short-term rental investment. This score considers five critical metrics: Investability (exclusive to the U.S.), Rental Demand, Revenue Growth, Seasonality, and Regulation. By distilling complex data into a simple number, AirDNA answers one of the most common investor queries, “Is this a good place to invest?”

New AirDNA Update: AirDNA Market Scores.

3. Customizable Search Filters

Catering to unique investor preferences, AirDNA has introduced expansive filters, allowing users to delve into specifics, such as property type, listing type, price tier, number of rooms, and more. Whether you’re benchmarking against your existing property or contemplating a new acquisition, these filters will illuminate the best potential matches within any given market.

New AirDNA update: customize search filters

4. Insightful STR Research on the Go

AirDNA’s new Active STR Listings tab provides an immediate overview of high-performing listings on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. This feature streamlines the research process, enabling users to effortlessly gauge their competition and investment potential.

New AirDNA Update: Research active STRs, anywhere, anytime.

5. Versatile Subscription Tiers

This is the strongest point, in my opinion. Moving away from a market-based subscription model, AirDNA has transitioned to a feature-based one. Ranging from a forever-free model to various premium tiers, each subscription level aims to offer users precisely what they need at any given stage of their short-term rental journey. Even better, these premium features come at incredibly competitive prices, with the basic tier priced at just $15 a month!

About the new AirDNA Pricing

There’s four new tiers

  • Free Forever ($0): Market insights, 1-year historical data, 1 user.
  • Basic ($15): Submarket insights, 2-year historical data, basic exports, 1 user.
  • Pro ($25): Same as Basic, plus 3 years of historical data.
  • Advanced ($1199): Includes STR listing insights (for investors), plus 5-years historical data.
New AirDNA Pricing Model (September 2023)

Full announcement here.

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