New 1% top-up fee for the Visa cards in EU and UK (and it hurts)

New 1% top up fee visa, announced via email

The good old days with the Visa card will soon be over, and we already see the first few signs. has introduced a new 1% top-up fee for credit and debit card top-ups to all cards in the EU and UK. This new fee is effective on July 4th.

New top-up fee

According to the company, they are introducing these fees “to ensure the long-term sustainability of our growing card programme”.

The most annoying part is that these announcements are very sudden, almost immediate, so there is no time to catch up or anticipate to these measures.

Here is the official email

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective from 4 July 2022, 06:00 UTC, we will be introducing credit and debit card top-up fees for Crypto.‌com Visa Card users in the EU and UK. The top-up fees will be as per the table below:

Top-up Fees for Crypto.‌com Visa Cards, effective on 4 July 2022, 06:00 UTC

new 1% top-up fee visa

Why are we introducing fees?
The Crypto.‌com Visa Card has become the world’s most popular crypto-linked card programme, available in 40 countries. We have made these changes to ensure the long-term sustainability of our growing card programme.

Continue to enjoy zero-fee top ups with the Fiat Wallet and Crypto Wallet
You can continue to fund your Crypto.‌com Visa Card via the Fiat Wallet and Crypto Wallet with zero fees. The most widely available crypto card in the world, the Crypto.‌com Visa Card offers up to 5% back on spending, LoungeKey™ airport lounge access, 100% rebates* for Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and many other perks.

*T&Cs apply. For more details, please refer to the FAQs.

Please visit our FAQs for more details.

Thank you for supporting Crypto.‌com!

Best regards,
The Crypto.‌com Team

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  1. I wonder if it’s legal to introduce such measures without warning. To my knowledge they have to warn costumers of coming changes and give the customer the possibly to leave their program without charges.

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